The 3 novelties of the iPhone SE 3, are they enough?

Same design and three notable changes

The iPhone SE 2022 aims to be identical to 2020, which in turn was traced to the iPhone 8, except for the apple icon located in the central part. Therefore, we remember, you will have a 4.7-inch IPS display, without Face ID and with Touch ID on the Home button. It will therefore remain the only one not to make the leap to the modern format with reduced frames.

According to various analysts such as Mark Gurman, Ming-Chi Kuo or Jon Prosser, this device will be mainly motivated by the 5G connectivity, which the current model lacks. In turn, I would go with a A15 Bionic chip identical to that of the iPhone 13 and that would provide it with maximum mobile power.

His third novelty, despite not being confirmed, seems quite evident: MagSafe technology. And it is that, since 2020, all iPhones implement a magnet system that makes them compatible with various accessories that are magnetized on their back. Wireless chargers, covers, stands, card holders…

Beyond this, little is expected of this device. Maybe some new color. The current model is available in white, black and red, so it would be expected to see something new in this regard to differentiate both teams. Through networks we can already find concepts of models in green that look very good.

iphone se 3 concept

Concept created by «applelab«

It remains to be seen whether aspects such as battery improve, since it is the main weak point of the current model. This new generation will tend to consume more for 5G, although the optimization of the A15 Bionic could do a lot. However, it must be understood that in such a compact body it is difficult to increase the battery, so it will be an aspect to study when it is announced.

Same price and possible reduction of the ‘SE’ of 2020

This new iPhone SE is expected to have a starting price of 489 euros. We do not know if in 64 GB of storage or with a jump to 128 GB, but in no case are increases expected, since the economic factor is the main value that these special editions have.

It remains to be seen if iPhone SE 2020 drops in priceas Mark Gurman has claimed that he might keep it in the catalog for $199. A price that, by adding taxes and the usual increase that Apple makes to the exchange rate to our currency, could stay in a few 289 euros. However, this is more of a wish from Gurman than a claim, as he has not confirmed it as a leak.

However, and this is already a personal assessment, we just don’t see any sense in this possible strategy of keeping both devices in the catalog. If the new model really incorporates so few changes, it could be doomed to failure if the previous version is maintained and it is done at such a low price.

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