The 360 ​​medics platform stands as the ‘Google’ of medical knowledge

The data is overwhelming: medical consultations are doubled worldwide every 2.5 months. In this context, he has broken in with his Search Engine 360 medics, which allows you to respond to all medical questions in a personalized way, depending on the profile, but also on the content.

360 medics has created a single data environment that centralizes in real time the same amount of scientific data as behavioral. The search engine relies on trusted public information sources and exclusive content sourced from scientific institutions and partners, and also provides access to calculation or decision assistance tools.

“Our objective is very simple: to make reliable and precise answers to all their medical questions available to all European healthcare providers, and to do so despite the exponential growth of scientific knowledge” explains Grégoire Pigné, physician, CEO and co-founder of 360 medics.

A financing of 10 million

More than 450,000 toilets They already regularly use 360 ​​medics, which includes 50% of doctors in France, and, just two years after its launch, more than 15% in Spain, where it is already a common tool for 62,000 healthcare providers, including 28,000 doctors, 15,000 nurses and 2,500 pharmacists.

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Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, 360 medics has experienced an intense acceleration phase in which the volume of business has tripled. In the coming months, this health technology (medtech) will continue to develop in its current markets (France and Spain), as well as in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

In order to consolidate its position, 360 medics has just completed a 10 million euro financing round together with two partners: Relyens, a European mutual group of reference in insurance and risk management for health and territorial administrations, and Impact Partners, an entity committed to the equality of health care in European “medical deserts”.

«We share with 360 medics a European vision and a common will to promote and develop a culture of risk prevention for the benefit of patients. Through this investment, we intend to contribute our knowledge as experts in medical risk management through our brand Sham, and collaborate to enrich our offer to the ecosystem of health professionals » explains Dominique Godet, CEO of the Relyens group.

«By offering non-specialist physicians and healthcare personnel in“ medical deserts ”free and rapid access to quality information and specialized medical tools, 360 medics enables better care for patients living in these territories, especially when they are at a considerable distance from specialized centers. This social impact will reach its maximum extension with the acceleration of the development of 360 medics in Europe, and we are proud to be able to contribute our European team to accompany 360 medics in this new challenge ”, sums up Thomas Delalande, Managing Partner at Impact Partners.

Growth supported by reinforcement of teams

360 medics plans to double the number of its collaborators in the next 6 months to have a team of 120 people in order to sustain its growth. In particular, the marketing team responsible for the Spanish market will be strengthened, whose priority will be to develop its content and partnerships strategy in Spain.

It also intends to accompany Spanish scientific societies in their digital transition, establishing partnerships that allow the development of mobile tools on their platform. 360 medics has also just concluded its first collaboration with a Spanish scientific society, AECOM, the Spanish Association for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism.

It also draws on his experience in France, where he has established more than 30 partnerships with scientific societies, colleges and residents’ associations.

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