The 4días directory is born in Spain, which claims the four-day working day

There has been a lot of talk about the four-day event in companies and it is already a reality that is already being successfully implemented in several European countries, including Spain. In fact, it has been shown that it can be reduce the 40-hour day without losing productivity. In the United Kingdom, it has already been tested with very good results, in what was the largest test, to date, of this working model. The 4 Day Week resulted with 88% of the companies satisfied and 95% of companies that had maintained or improved their productivity after undergoing the four-day session.

In this context, 4días has emerged in Spain, the first directory in Spanish (and soon in Portuguese) of companies that have implemented the four-day shift in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

In addition to being a directory independent of any political entity, 4días is part blog and part community, being the first space in our country dedicated exclusively to changing the paradigm towards a four-day workday. In 4 days you will be able to find clear and truthful information about the advantages, disadvantages, and challenges that this revolution in the world of work implies.

«We are excited about this new project that will encourage and support the four day work week. We hope that the information we offer will inspire more people and companies to consider this new way of understanding work.”. it states Laura Dug, spokesperson for 4 days For them, the reduction in working hours should not be seen as a way to get away or seek subsidies, quite the contrary. “The objective of reducing the working day should be to improve the quality of life of workers and strengthen a healthy business culture, thus increasing the happiness of the workforce”.

The 4-day directory of Spanish companies that have implemented reduced working hours

To make this initiative work, you must create a new social contract between workers and companybased on the model 100-80-100What does 100% salary, 80% time for 100% productivity mean? The implementation of this formula is beginning to demonstrate its viability in Spain, as evidenced by 4días, giving the opportunity to companies in our country that have introduced this conference to form part of its board of directors and highlighting the advantages that this work model brings them. .

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  • Big Buy: Specialized in e-commerce services, it is currently the most important Spanish dropshipping company, with more than 300 employees. Around a company culture based on motivation, which favors commitment and effort, they have formed a happy and motivated workforce. The happiness of his team is due to the advantages that the company provides such as flexibility in the day off or private health insurance.
  • Good Rebels: This communication and marketing agency has been an example as one of the pioneers in Spain in establishing the four-day session. Its objective is to strengthen relations with its clients and with society through strengthening relations with its workers. For example, through unlimited vacations or with a 32-hour workday, keeping 100% of the salary.
  • One Totem: This digital agency offers 100% teleworking and a reduced 32-hour shift. His philosophy is based on the fact that if we limit work time a little and connect with what we like in free time, it will boost the creativity and productivity of the team.
  • gardeners: It is a communication agency and fully digital content creators. Among its advantages are financial aid for those employees who go to work by bike or public transport. In addition, they collaborate in the health of their team by providing a gym and nutritionist.

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