The 5 actors who could be the new Superman after Henry Cavill

Just a few days ago we learned the sad news: henry cavill will not put on the suit again Superman. The actor himself was in charge of confirming it through his official Instagram account, where he indicated that, despite having been encouraged to announce his renewal just a month and a half ago, finally Warner she had decided to do without him. If we did not expect it, he less, there is no doubt. Now it’s time to have a clean slate and that means looking for a new Clark Kent. Who could replace him?

an unexpected march

When an actor confirms that he will give life to a character in a franchise officially and in style, the last thing that is expected is that a month and a half later he announces that he is leaving that project. However, that is just what has happened with the good of henry cavill. The actor confirmed on October 24 that he was going to be in charge of dressing the famous hero in the red cape again, news that made a good part of the fandom that considers Cavill happy. the superman of our generation.

Snyder Cut

Three days ago and unexpectedly, everything changed. Once again, the actor was in charge of breaking the news, pointing out through the same medium, Instagram, that after meeting with the new managers of the DC universe (James Gunn and Peter Safran), he disassociated himself from the project, not playing Superman again.

Why was Henry Cavill fired?

Much has been written about the reasons that could have led to his departure, although everything seems to indicate that the change in management (Gunn and Safran joined in November) has been the trigger, wanting to make a hard reset of the franchise (we won’t see Ben Affleck or Gal Gadot, whose third part of Wonder Woman has been cancelled, either) to usher in a new era.

Others say that Cavill asked for a considerable salary increase for the next Superman movies, and that has made the determination to invite him to leave, and there are even those who point out that he is simply already “very old»and those responsible for the next films want a younger Superman.

Alternatives to Henry Cavill

Be that as it may, the actor is already out of the DC Extended Universe and a replacement must be found for him. We don’t know if Warner already has the chosen one, but just in case someone from his offices is reading us -wink, wink-, here we leave 5 ideas that could fit the role of Clark Kent.

alan richson

Actor Alan Ritchson

He is not a well-known actor outside of the US and perhaps that is just what the franchise needs. Fits in physique but not in age (He is 40 years old and Cavill one year younger, 39). The interesting thing is that at the time (prior to Henry’s October announcement), some media pointed out that Warner Media was precisely considering hiring him to put on the Superman suit, so it’s not such a crazy idea.

Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth

It would be quite funny if after having replaced Henry Cavill in the series The Witcher from Netflix, he also did it in the cinema in the DC franchise. And possibly it would be the finishing line for Cavill’s fans to hate him for life. Of course, he fits in physically and he is also young (32 years old), so he has a long projection ahead.

Timothée Chalamet

Timothée Chamelet.

Considering his physical build, he would have to do too much physical preparation work (and perhaps not even reach the image that we have always had of the burly Clark Kent, although who knows if that is what he is looking for). Despite this, he has a huge legion of fans on his side, he is a fashion actor and he is very young. We doubt the career path he is following will tempt him into the world of superheroes, but we leave the disruptive idea of ​​the list here.

Noah Schnapp

Noah Schnapp

What if we start from a very young Clark Kent in the style they did with Spider-Man and Tom Holland? In this sense, a very interesting proposal would be Noah Schnapp. The actor of stranger things, only 18 years old, would be perfect to start with the role and grow with it, thus guaranteeing continuity within the DC universe. He is a familiar face but only for one series, not being especially mediatic for other works. The perfect balance.

jacob elordi

Euphoria actor Jacob Elordi

Some media have pointed out that he is in fact in talks for the role. He is not a bad profile to give life to Superman, although his previous works may detract a bit from him if they are looking for an actor with a rather “soft” resume (remember that Elordi appears in Euphoria and sometimes profiles like yours can play against to embody certain characters).

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