The 5 best apps to congratulate the New Year and welcome 2023

With the arrival of the end of the year, more than one must be overwhelmed by how they are going to do it to congratulate the new year to all your acquaintances in an original way (and not with the usual flat message). If this is your case, we are here to get you out of such a problem. How? Well, immersing yourself in the best apps of the moment available both in Android like in iOS to wish everyone the best in the 2023. Take note.

Merry christmas happy new year

Several screenshots of the Merry Christmas, Happy New Year app for Android

It is a fairly popular app. only available on Android, with which you can create different types of cards to congratulate the holidays and the new year. You have templates with frames and stickers, others ready to share and even cards with dedications already made, so you don’t have to complicate yourself too much. It’s quite simple and it doesn’t have graphics that are going to blow your head off -we’ll let you know right now-, but it enjoys, as we told you, a lot of popularity and a good score in the android app store.

Download it: on Google Play

Happy New Year 2023

The app for Android Happy New Year 2023

Another app of those that doesn’t get too hot when it comes to choosing its name. The Happy New Year 2023 application has a good collection of festive images and endless phrases for you to create your own compositions. It has three types of content: phrases dedicated to friends, phrases for family members, and phrases to dedicate to your partner -you know, in case you are caught apart on the 31st. It has a good reputation on Google Play -again, it is only available for the Android platform -, among other things, as a result of having worked quite well in previous years (what they do is change the date when the new year begins).

Download it: on Google Play

New Year Photo Frames

Interface of the New Year Photo Frames app for iOS

Especially designed for iPad, you can also use it on your iPhone to assemble your best congratulations. It is an app for collage type in which you can use different types of photos to create an original New Year’s greeting with the use of many different types of filters and certain photographic settings. It’s easy to use, it doesn’t take up much space and it’s perfect for getting the ideal postcard in your apple tree kit.

Download it: on the App Store

happy new year frames

Interface of the Happy New Year Phrases app for iOS

Another application that you can use on iPhone. It is an app with a large collection of Christmas phrases, messages and wishes, and in different languages (Spanish, English, German, French and Portuguese), in case you want/have to write to someone who doesn’t speak Spanish. It has an editing tool in which you will be able to retouch the photos, add texts, change the frames… and, ultimately, put the congratulations to your liking.

Download it: on the App Store

Happy New Year Phrases

Happy New Year Phrases app interface

One of the things that people like the most at New Years is send some phrase deep May it serve as congratulations and also as a reflection to start the next 12 months. If this is your case, you can take a look at this application where you will find endless phrases “full of sweetness and love” -hey, we don’t say it, but the creators of the app- for yours. It is an app designed for Android phones in which each image can be enlarged, installed as wallpaper or directly shared through the app you want (WhatsApp, Telegram or others).

Download it: on Google Play

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