The 5 best Belkin iPhone accessories are these

Belkin is one of the brands that best and most cares for all Apple device users, but especially for those lucky enough to use an iPhone on a daily basis. That is why in this post we want to tell you about the 5 most outstanding accessories of this brand for the smartphone of the Cupertino company.

Belkin Charging Cradles for iPhone

One of the points where Belkin focuses the most when manufacturing different devices or accessories to use with the iPhone is in the charging bases. Surely we are facing the manufacturer that provides the best charging stations to iPhone users, and a good example of this is the first product that we want to talk to you about, and that we can call it the star within the entire catalog it offers. Its about 3-in-1 wireless charger BoostCharge PRO with technology MagSafewhich will allow you to charge the iPhone, with a power of up to 15W, Apple Watch and AirPods in a base that shines with its striking design. Without a doubt, one of the best charging bases for iPhone that you can find.

Belkin Dock

a little more discreet is this second option, but despite this it also gives you the possibility of charge up to three devices different, with spaces for the iPhone, with wireless charging 7.5W, ideal for slow and very healthy charging to take place, Apple Watch and AirPods. Of course, in this case you will not find MagSafe technology anywhere, and although the design is more sober, it is still very careful and beautiful, ideal to be able to place it both on the bedside table and on the work desk, to be able to charge your three devices whenever you want.

Belkin base without magsafe

other accessories

Of course, not everything Belkin makes for the iPhone is charging cradles, it also provides other accessories that will come in handy when you’re out on the road. First of all, it has a MagSafe car chargerso that you can charge the battery of your iPhone at the same time that you have it visible on the dashboard so that it can guide you during the journey.

belkin magsafe charger

Something that is essential, especially for those users who have an iPhone with which the autonomy is fair, is a Extreme battery, and again Belkin bets on MagSafe technology again to make users not have to worry about whether or not their iPhone has a low percentage of autonomy. It has a capacity of 10,0000mAH, so you can charge your iPhone up to several times, whatever the model. The size, yes, is large, but it is undoubtedly the ideal element to ensure you enjoy good autonomy.

belkin external battery

Finally, it should also be remembered that Belkin is one of the main manufacturers of screen protectors for iPhoneIn fact, the vast majority of options that you find in the Apple Store are from this brand, which means, and ensures, that the quality of the product is impeccable, giving the protection that your iPhone screen needs.

Belkin Screen Protector

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