The 5 best games based on DC Comics characters

With how bad things do in the cinema and, nevertheless, when they make the leap to video games DC comics have managed to create a whole series of names that are so remembered as extraordinary. So, taking advantage of today’s premiere of the umpteenth film from the cinematographic universe owned by Warner, we have tried to remember which video games and which characters have been to blame for many of us continuing to keep faith in this galaxy of heroes and villains.

Bats, Aliens and Amazons

The characters from this comic book factory have managed to gain a foothold in the video game market over the years. Since those first titles of Batman –from Sunsoft– from the late 1980s until the next development on Suicide Squad, DC Comics characters are old acquaintances of the gamers. So as we mentioned before, and on the occasion of the premiere this week of Shazam! The Fury of the Gods, Here we bring you the top 5 of the best based on DC Comics characters.

With nothing more to add, let’s start with this super list.

LEGO DC Super Villains

We start the list with what is for many the best LEGO game ever created. In a story where the Justice League has been kidnapped, it’s up to the villains to save the day. With an open world in which we will visit Gotham City and Metropolis and a cast of characters with a large number of characters, this title is not to be missed and is surely… the best?

injustice 2

The sequel to the first injustice It surpassed its predecessor in all respects. From a story that put us in the shoes of a large number of characters – apart from Batman and Superman – such as Green Arrow, Cyborg or Blue Beetle, to a completely renewed gameplay that made us feel as powerful as the heroes and villains. If you are fans of fighting games, you cannot miss this title.

Batman Arkham Asylum

Without fear of being wrong, we can affirm that This game has the best setting we’ve ever seen. We’ll tour a sinister Arkham Asylum, now under the control of the Joker and Harley Quinn, as we take on some of the Dark Knight’s most memorable enemies. It is thanks to this title that the boom of superhero games that we now live.

batman arkham city

The second game in the franchise programmed by Rocksteady has gone down in history as the best superhero game ever made. Improving practically in all aspects to its predecessor and with a Arkham City that feels full of life. Here you can be the Batman of your dreams.

batman arkham knight

The conclusion to Rocksteady Studios’ Batman trilogy was a complete game. From a story that went perfectly with everything told in the saga, even a frenetic combat without forgetting a huge Gotham City. For the first time we could use the Batmobile. arkham knight is, to this day, the definitive Batman video game experience. Like the previous two…

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