The 5 best-selling Metal Gear Solid games of all time

Few action sagas have stood out as much in the world of videogames as the one created by Hideo Kojima in the 90s, which is determined by the first 80s developments for MSX that are absolutely mythical. Metal Gear Solidwith its combination of action and stealth, deep characters and stories with planetary intrigue, the franchise continues to give something to talk about.

The Legend of Solid Snake

In today’s world of videogames, there are few sagas with followers as loyal as it is Metal Gear Solid, that every time the slightest thing related to the franchise is announced you have them jumping for joy, not to mention that for them Kojima is like a God on Earth. The problem is that for eight years the paths of the Japanese and Konami separated and the dark clouds hung over the mythical IPleaving us abandoned and alone with remakes on the horizon.

And now, to celebrate how mythical this franchise is and that the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3, we bring you a top 5 of the franchise games that have sold the most. Come on, with nothing more to say, let’s start the classification.

5. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Speaking of the king of Rome… here we have the third installment of the saga, a game that would serve as a prequel that would tell us the story of Big Boss when he was young. For many it is the best of all and it is not surprising that it was a success in sales, since managed to get 3.6 million units sold Worldwide. Not bad the truth.

4. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The most recent game of the franchise, and one of the most controversial, takes the fourth position in the ranking. It served as an introduction for many who were unfamiliar with the saga, as it was a great leap in concept by allowing for an open world that, it must be said, not everyone liked. Even so, managed to sell almost 6 million units worldwide.

3. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot

The direct continuation of what happened in the second game, this fourth installment of the franchise was one of the most anticipated in its day, to see how the story arc continued. When it hit the market 15 years ago (how old we are) it was very well received by both critics and the public and was able to reach 6 million games sold.

2.Metal Gear Solid

How could it be otherwise, the first installment for PlayStation is still one of the most successful. When it came out at the end of the 90s, we had never seen a game like this before, with those mechanics and those stories so rooted in the political culture of the moment, as well as introducing us to legendary characters who they allowed him to comfortably exceed 6 million copies.

1. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

For many, one of the best stories ever seen in a video game and that, due to the success of the first installment, caused incredible hype around the world. It arrived for PS2 in the early 2000s and it was able to sell more than 7 million units at the time.

And you? What is your favorite game of Metal Gear Solid?

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