The 5 best Smart TVs that you can buy for less than 400 euros

TCL 43BP615

The first of the TV models that we want to recommend is this TCL 43BP615. It is a 43-inch 4K panel that also supports the playback of HDR content. Therefore, we are facing a screen with good brightness, vivid colors and high resolution. It has Dolby Audio to give a good experience in the sound section and is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

As for its capabilities, it has the Android 9.0 operating system, so we can install any application such as Netflix or Disney + through the Play Store applications as we would on our mobile. TCL’s MICRO DIMMING PRO technology will also enhance the image being played back, with deeper blacks and brighter colors. The price of this Smart TV is only 339 euros.

Hisense 43AE7000F

We continue with another model with a 43-inch 4K panel, since it is the usual around these prices. East 43AE7000F from Hisense incorporates a technology from this manufacturer called Precision Color, which will give us one of the best experiences in terms of color and image quality. In addition, it is also compatible with HDR content and has an adaptive brightness system that will allow you to reproduce images with the perfect brightness.

In the sound section Hisense incorporates DTS Studio Sound for a better experience and that this is more realistic and immersive thanks to the two speakers it incorporates. This Smart TV incorporates Alexa as an assistant so that we can ask what we need by voice commands. The price of the Hisense 43AE7000F goes up to 349 euros.


The manufacturer LG is known for offering screens with great quality and, on many occasions, even for the tightest budgets. This 43UP7500LF-ALEXA is a clear example of this, being one of the latest additions to the catalog for this year 2021.

Specifically, it is a 43-inch Smart TV with a 4K resolution. A panel compatible with the HDR10, HDR HLG and HDR GiG formats, which together with the AI ​​Sound and Virtual Surround Sound Processor will allow us to enjoy movies and series with the best possible experience at home. In this case, the operating system is webOS 6.0 Premium, as is usual in the TVs of this brand, allowing us to install all kinds of applications from the main streaming services without problems. And, as you can imagine from its name, it incorporates Alexa as a virtual assistant so that we can control it through voice commands. The price of this model is 369 euros.

Xiaomi Smart TV P1

Speaking of good smart TVs at a low cost, a model like this Xiaomi Smart TV P1 could not be missing from the list. Specifically, it is the 43-inch model with a 4K panel, which reaches up to 379 euros. Although, if you want something with an even tighter cost, you can go to the 32-inch model that goes down to 226 euros.

We already talked about this model in our analysis of its older brother, the 55-inch one. This incorporates Alexa as a voice assistant, it is compatible with Dolby Vision, HDR, MEMC UHD 60Hz to offer us a great image quality. The operating system is Android TV in its 10th version, so the operation is very simple and you can install any app through the Play Store. Its design, in addition, is relatively well cared for for a low cost screen.

Samsung Crystal 43TU7095

Last but not least, we wanted you to know this Samsung Crystal 43TU7095. A model that, in terms of price, is at the limit of our budget reaching the 399.99 euros. It is a 42-inch Smart TV with 4K resolution.

This offers the quality that Samsung has us accustomed to with HDR10 + compatibility, PurColor and the crystal 4k processor. Together all these characteristics will make us have a great image quality, with good sharpness and vivid colors. And, how could it be otherwise, this Samsung model also incorporates Alexa as a voice assistant so that we can ask for whatever we need.

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