The 5 longest-running Marvel movies, ordered from shortest to longest

Since always, in the history of cinema there has been a tug of war between the creative side of the movies and the purely business side. While the former recorded and recorded shots for increasingly longer films, the latter, fearful of getting hit at the box office, cut and cut until they left things in 90 minutes, or 120 at most, which, they said, was the limit that the spectators endured sitting in the halls.

More minutes, more fun

That cut imposed by the production companies caused that, some time later, when the film reached domestic formats (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.) take the opportunity to offer us the director’s cut, or the extended edition and those things that were invented to justify the first cut in theaters. But there was a moment when things changed, although films with an extraordinary length had been released before. But the difference of this moment is that it meant a general change in the industry, do you know when?

Peter Jackson on the set of The Lord of the Rings

Well that moment we can date it officially at the beginning of the centurywhen The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and the Two towers were barely a minute short of the three hours each in their theatrical version, while The return of the King He comfortably surpassed them until he stayed in a colossal 201 minutes. It was, therefore, Peter Jackson (who would later release the extended editions of each one on DVD) who took the risk of uploading that footage and, truthfully, until now.

Marvel, meanwhile, started with Hombre de Hierro in some standards 126 minutes to then gradually increase that figure until reaching two and a half and three hours in many cases. And that is why we are here, to tell you which are the 5 films of the American cinematographic universe that last the longest. And these are the winners…

5 – Avengers: Age of Ultron

The second movie of The Avengers it’s not the hardest although it is noted that the arrival of a lot of heroes at the same time needs more minutes to tell their story. Although in this case it stays at two hours and 21 minutes. Not bad.

Duration: 141 minutes

4 – The Avengers

The Avengers she was the first to gather an arsenal of heroes so she also manages to place comfortably above two hours and, more specifically, a couple of minutes beyond its continuation.

Duration: 143 minutes

3 – Captain America Civil War

The third in discord does not belong to The Avengers but as if it were, because there is a considerable traffic jam of superheroes. Not in vain, we will see two sides face each other in one of the deliveries of the UCM that they liked the most to the fans. Not your case?

Duration: 147 minutes

2 – Avengers Infinity War

The Avengers continues to dominate the list of the longest films in the UCM and, this time, It’s the first part of the ending that takes the cake, with practically two and a half hours of footage. The story of the most famous snap in the world well deserved them.

Duration: 149 minutes

1 – Avengers: Endgame

And we come to the one that lasts the longest since it reaches three hours and 60 seconds. Here Marvel has already lost its fear of the minutes that a movie can have us in theaters and it overcomes a psychological barrier that we could measure in Coca-Colas that we need to drink during the session but that, if it is well made and counted (as is the case), we should not care. Who looks at the stopwatch when they’re having a great time at a movie theater?

Duration: 181 minutes

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