the 5 most anticipated exclusives in 2022

Xbox promises us another year of exclusives, which are we looking forward to the most for 2022?

One of the great strengths of Xbox is the number of video game studios that Microsoft owns. This very often gives birth to beautiful exclusives, and this will be even more the case in 2022, after the takeover of Bethesda in 2021. This year our expectations are high, and the firm promises to be heavy. Here are our top 5 Xbox exclusives that we’re most excited about in 2022. Also check out our top 5 PlayStation exclusives right here!

5. Replaced

We start this top 5 with a particularly original indie game called Replaced. This is a 2.5D title that takes place in the heart of the sad city of Phoenix-City. You play as REACH, an artificial intelligence stuck in a human body in spite of itself.

Despite its very retro look, you can feel modernity every second; first in the production of the title, but also in its music or its fluidity of gameplay. The whole is enveloped in an atmosphere that is certainly sinister, but also colorful and in a way, welcoming. Retro-futurism has found its new representative, which we will be able to discover during the year on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

4. CrossfireX

In the FPS category, this is the one that makes us want the most. With a campaign developed in part by Remedy, we are sure that CrossfireX will be an explosive success from the day of its release. That’s good since we won’t have to wait long to feel the joystick on this game, it will be released by February 10.

If 2021 was not a glorious year for first person shooters, CrossfireX This could well turn things around at the start of the year with a particularly enticing multiplayer mode, an impactful story and a style of play in the heart of the action.

3. Sommerville

Other independent game, Sommerville is a bit the child of the game Limbo and film Without a sound. It traces the more personal and family history of a global disaster. Your goal will be to reunite your family despite the surrounding difficulties, although we do not yet know if we are dealing with monsters, aliens or even killer robots.

It is a science fiction title that does not lack ambitions both visually and narratively. If the gameplay should be quite simplistic, we can already see many original shots, full of action and emotions. Expected release date later this year for this game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC.

2. Redfall

He was the highlight of Microsoft and Bethesda’s show at E3 2021. Redfall is an explosive, humorous and very energetic game. In a world infested with vampires, our heroes seem to be a band of mercenaries / survivors with special abilities and whose goal is to eliminate as many enemies as possible. So far, nothing abnormal.

Yet they seem to be proceeding in their own way, with many explosions, scathing remarks and levity despite the urgency of the situation. This FPS playable in co-op will therefore offer us an open world always full of action, which we can not wait to discover. We hope for a release date for the summer of 2022 as initially planned.

1. Starfield

We couldn’t forget to mention Starfield in our top 5 most eagerly awaited games. A true galactic epic, the game transports us a few years into the future, while space travel is definitely achievable. The role of the player will be to survey the galaxy to find answers to the “great mystery of humanity”.

It is through the different environments shared by the studio that we fell in love with the game and its visual universe. It will explore as many diverse and varied biomes and cities as a galaxy could have, all with a still very mysterious narrative. We should know more before the game’s release on Xbox Series X / S and PC on November 11.

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