The 5 most anticipated news of iOS 16

Each time iOS 16 is closer, in fact, in no time we will surely know the date on which Apple will present the vast majority of new features of the next operating system that the iPhone will carry. However, today we are going to go ahead a little and we are going to tell you about some of the most anticipated news by all users.

What will bring new iOS 16?

One of the most anticipated moments for all Apple users is to learn about the news not only of hardware that are presented throughout the year, but also what these devices will carry within themselves, that is, the software, the operating systems. The one that usually generates the most attraction is always iOS, since after all, the iPhone is the team championed by Apple as the most popular. Therefore, below we are going to tell you five new features that many users expect from iOS 16.

  • Widgets arrived on the iPhone with iOS 14, however users since then have the need for them not only to display information from their corresponding application, but also to be able to interact with them without having to enter the app itself. Therefore, the arrival of interactive widgets It is something that many users expect in this new iOS 16.


  • A functionality that already exists within Apple equipment, specifically in the Apple Watch, is the always on screenthe always on display, well, many rumors indicate that this functionality could also be present on iPhones from iOS 16.
  • If there is something that Apple always highlights about the iPhone, it is the power that the cameras of this device grants to all its users. Well, the reality is that to get the most out of it, you usually have to use third-party applications with which you can modify and use professional parameters that make it easier to achieve better results. That’s just what Apple could change in this new version, it provides a most complete camera app for those who so wish.
  • The Cupertino company has one of the main podcasting platforms in the world, which is Apple Podcast. However, there is something that it does not allow and that many creators ask for and need, and that is to have a closer contact with their listeners. For this, one of the ideas that arise is the possibility of include commentary on every episode uploaded to Apple Podcast.

apple podcast playback

  • Finally, another function that iOS 16 could copy from what currently exists in watchOS is fall detection, but in this case it would be focused on possible traffic accidents. The function itself would be called accident detectionso that if, in the fateful event that a user becomes unconscious after suffering an accident, it is the iPhone itself that is in charge of contacting the emergency services.

Obviously all these news that we have told you about They are pure rumors and suppositions. about what the Cupertino company may be planning for the future version of iOS. However, the date to know if they become a reality is not very far away, and even less so the announcement of the WWDC which is where iOS 16 and the rest of the operating systems will be presented, so we will have to be vigilant to see when we can get out of doubt.

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