The 5 most demanded professionals in cloud computing in 2022

The cloud computing industry, or cloud computing, has grown exponentially in recent years. Not only has it done so in companies, but it is also part of the lives of many Internet users, who use the cloud to store all kinds of files, or to share them with third parties. Thanks to the cloud it is also possible to access streaming services such as Netflix, and the same happens with video conferences through Zoom or Skype. Without the cloud it would not be possible to establish them.

Until the arrival of the pandemic, its growth was continuous, but with the restrictions that came into force in 2020, its use skyrocketed. This made professional cloud experts are needed in companies related to technology. Also in others completely far from the sector, and from areas as disparate as health or tourism, they have decided to take the leap, and therefore hire professionals prepared to manage everything related to the cloud.

The cloud is, therefore, one of the areas of technology that is growing the most in terms of hiring professionals, and if you have both experience in the technological world and interest in the cloud world, it can be a good professional opportunity to change your career. specialty. Above all, looking to the future.

But as in all sectors, there are different professional profiles related to the cloud, some more in demand than others. In case you want to dedicate yourself to the cloud and find a cloud-related position fast, you have to know what positions are the most in demand currently. And according to The Next Web, there are five: virtualization engineer, cloud data engineer, cloud engineer, cloud security analyst and cloud automation engineer.

An virtualization engineerAlthough it may seem like an unappealing role at first glance, it plays a vital role in the world of the cloud. This type of professional is responsible for advising companies on everything related to cloud computing. That is why you have to always be up to date with everything related to the world of technology in general, and with cloud computing in particular. In addition, its role in the future will grow in importance, since due to the growth that digital platforms are experiencing, virtualization will continue to rise.

Among his main responsibilities is the management of the application, architecture and deployment of cloud solutions. Also the management of client-server virtualization, and the constant review of the cloud computing strategy of the company in which he works. On average, this professional earns a salary of more than 47,000 euros per year.

As for the cloud data engineers, are responsible for the development and support of the data infrastructure that makes it easier for companies, especially large ones, to make decisions. They are also responsible for looking for trends in data sets and creating algorithms to help the company use the raw data.

Among his responsibilities, in addition, are the design and deployment of new applications in the cloud, directly. Also the migration of the data related to them to the cloud, as well as the creation of tests, and their documentation in order to comply with various requirements. His average salary is close to 74,500 euros.

Another of the profiles that are most in demand among companies looking for professionals who are experts in cloud computing is that of cloud engineer, as we have seen. These are professionals who, unlike cloud data engineers, focus more on issues that are not related to data in the cloud. Instead they deal with tasks related to administration, application development, scaling, and tasks related to cloud operations.

However, their role can vary quite a bit depending on the company they work for, and in many cases their work will overlap with the tasks performed by other professionals. But they mainly deal with the assembly of the cloud infrastructure, as well as the creation of functions, databases and applications that run in the cloud. Likewise, among its responsibilities is also to ensure the security of the cloud environment in which it operates, in addition to guaranteeing the availability of services when necessary. The average salary of these professionals is very similar to that of cloud engineers, and is around 74,500 euros.

An cloud security analyst, meanwhile, has a position very similar to that of a cybersecurity analyst. But unlike this profile, a professional of this type is in charge of identifying dangerous threats, as well as possible vulnerabilities, in native cloud environments. They are not professionals who work independently and isolated from the rest, but their work is very close to that of the members of the product teams when it comes to making the general security up to date and effective.

Cloud security analysts use security risks to create security standards for products, as well as controls to verify compliance. In addition, they investigate emerging threats in the cloud, and develop protection systems and measures against them. And in case there is a security breach, these professionals are the ones who will have to be on the front line trying to solve the problem as soon as possible. His average salary exceeds 60,000 euros.

Lastly, a cloud automation engineer is in charge of the development and maintenance of cloud-native automation systems, which will be responsible for all kinds of automated systems and elements that have to do with the cloud. They are also responsible for managing the launch of applications. They are the ones who decide, when they are developed and the automations they offer tested, when they are released and their general availability.

A cloud automation engineer also offers the necessary documentation to assist work teams when projects migrate to the cloud, and of course, works closely with various departments of the company, as well as with external personnel if necessary, when there is some kind of problem that makes it difficult to execute the automated tasks under your supervision. On average, the annual salary of this type of professional is very close to 53,000 euros.

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