The 5 most iconic outfits that Mario has had in his history

Since the Mario character hit stores in 1985 through a cartridge for the NES, there have been dozens of occasions on which he has returned to cheer us up with each new Japanese console. A pleasant custom that has evolved over the years to turn our favorite protagonist into a kind of video game Mortadelo, where we can see him transformed and dressed in almost anything.

Giant Mario from New Super Mario Bros.

The 5 best known aspects

That is why we have encouraged ourselves to remember what are the five best-known Mario costumes, or aspects most remembered by all gamers that we still keep in our retina those first moments in which we put on the plumber’s suit to enjoy their adventures on any of the many consoles that the Japanese have launched in the last 37 years. These are:

giant mario

A simple mushroom is needed for our Mario acquires a larger size than normal. Although in some NES cartridges it allowed us to resist one more touch from the enemies, in versions like Super Mario Bros U our protagonist was able to occupy almost the entire screen and destroy the stage while we chased the rest of the players. This is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic transformations. Mention aside its absence in Game Boy, where the Japanese did not see a way to add it because of a too small screen.

fire mario

It is another of Mario’s most celebrated transformations, since allows us to throw fireballs at enemies and take them out from a distance while maintaining that appearance. The moment we receive a touch, goodbye to that superpower.

Classic Mario costumes.

Tanuki Mario and Raccoon

Sometimes these two suits are confused although they have similar points. For example, with both we can hit the enemies with the tail to finish them off and kick them off the map, but in the case of the Tanuki, has the added superpower of turning into a heavy statue that plummets down on enemies. You can enjoy it in cartridges like super mario bros 3 from NES or Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS. The raccoon, by the way, has been present in a good number of games for 31 years.

mario cape

It is another of the plumber’s best-known outfits and that we could see first in the famous Super Mario World from SNES. We just have to wait for a feather to appear to know that when we pick it up we will transform into this character that plans on the screen when jumping and, when we are on an enemy, we can safely plummet to eliminate it. Who has not used it at some time?

mario balloon

This aspect of Mario is one of the funniest and most remembered of the Super Mario World of SNES since only with him it was possible to reach some levels within the game (like the special Tubular). And it is that once our protagonist inflated like a balloon, we only had to guide him around the screen to take him to where we needed and, in this way, access platforms that would otherwise be inaccessible due to their height. Obviously, Nintendo already takes these things into account to make things difficult for us in those phases.

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