The 5 most outstanding new features of iOS 16

After having intensely experienced one of the best Apple events in recent years, we now have to focus on what WWDC 2022 has brought to all iPhone users, and that is that the new features that iOS 16 incorporates are many and varied. However, in this post we are going to tell you the five most outstanding that you have to know yes or yes.

iOS 16 Highlights

Without a doubt, Apple has delighted all users with the number of new features that it has introduced at the 2022 developer conference, but I think very few expected iOS 16 to have as many new features as it has. However, in this post we want to focus only on five of them, the ones that at La Manzana Mordida we consider to be the most important and the ones that all iPhone users will be able to enjoy the most. Let’s go with them.

  • Obviously, the first great novelty is the new lock screen that Apple has incorporated into iOS 16. From now on you will be able to modify both the color and the font of the time and date that is shown on the screen, something really surprising considering that Apple has never been a company that plays much with the personalization. It has also included the possibility of inserting different widgets on this locked screen, as well as the opportunity to create different lock screens to switch between them and even adopt them in the different concentration modes. In addition, the notifications on this screen are also displayed differently, since they will appear at the bottom of the screen and not at the top as before.

  • Following the line of modes of concentrationthese now in addition to being able to assign them a specific lock screen, they also have filtersthat will act on apps such as Calendar, Mail, Messages and Safari so that only the content that is most suitable for said mode of concentration can be displayed in them, thus helping users to focus on the task they are doing much better.
  • For all users who use the Apple Family, the Cupertino company has implemented the iCloud Shared Photo Library making photo sharing much easier and more intuitive than ever. In this way, all the members of a family will be able to share the photos they have taken, bearing in mind that these images are not copies of the original, but rather the original, so that all the changes that are made out on it, they will be updated for all family members.

  • LiveText It was one of the great novelties that Apple introduced in iOS 15, well, with iOS 16 this function has been improved, since now you can not only use it in photographs, but also in videos.
  • Finally, we want to highlight again the efforts that Apple always makes so that all users can get the most out of their equipment. In this case a new dictation providing the opportunity to use this functionality together with the iPhone keyboard at the same time, making typing much more comfortable for users with motor problems.

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