The 5 most successful ‘survival horror’ sagas in history

Surely there is nothing so addictive for a gamer How to experience the fear of being threatened in a horror scenario to release that survival instinct that we all cling to sooner or later. That’s the only way to explain the success of some games that put us on the brink of a nervous breakdown and who resort to situations as lurid as they are fearsome. are the famous survival horror.

evil is everywhere

We don’t really understand why so many of us are drawn to titles of this genre, but the truth is that they are extraordinarily fun. That feeling that danger is always lurking and the slightest mistake will make you shred is a feeling that, in small doses, is an extra motivation. That is why, on this occasion, we bring you the top 5 series of survival horror that more games have sold throughout history.

Do you know them? Come on let’s start with this terrifying list.

5. Dead Space

For a long time now, the vastness of space has been the perfect setting for some of the most memorable horror stories of recent years. dead space It places us in a space station where events have occurred that will surely give you nightmares. Its atmosphere, which could remind us of films like alien, and its gameplay have led the saga to sell more than 6 million units worldwide. And on top of that a few months ago we received an extraordinary remake

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4.Silent Hill

One of the most mythical Konasmi sagas gets fourth place in this ranking. Within the different games that are part of the saga we will arrive at a mysterious town where we will have to face fearsome creatures, both from the outside world and from our own mind. If you like psychological horror games, you can’t miss this franchise that it has managed to sell more than 9 million units worldwide. And there is on the way a remake of the second game.

3.Dead Island

Sunny paradise beaches are not usually a common location for this type of story, but this franchise has managed to make it work. Here, we will have to face the dawn of the living dead, making use of any tool or weapon that we find on the beaches to try to survive. As we have said, its unique atmosphere made it stand out from the rest of the genre, which led to the saga achieving more than 14 million units sold.

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2.Dying Light

One of the most common settings for this type of game is the zombie apocalypse. In this franchise, we will have to face both the undead and different groups of civilians who will try to destroy us at all costs. one of the saga of survival horror most popular of the moment, which It has managed to sell more than 30 million units.

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1.Resident Evil

the saga of survival horror by excellence. In this franchise –in case you have just landed from Mars– we will have to face the sinister Umbrella corporation, which plans to take over the world by using the fearsome T Virus, the cause of the appearance of such terrifying characters as Nemesis, the Lickers or the insistent Tyrant. The Capcom franchise throughout its almost 30-year history has achieved 138 million units sold worldwide. An atrocity!

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