The 5 Nintendo Amiibos that will cost you the most money to get

It was in the year 2014 when Nintendo decided to launch its famous Amiibo, a collection of figurines that not only serve to decorate our shelves but also improve the video games themselves where it is possible to activate new functions or aspects of the protagonists. And of course, like any other collectible item, its value behaves like that of a share on the stock market: one day it can drop and the next it can pay us for summer vacations.

These are the 5 most expensive Amiibos

It goes without saying that a good collector tries to buy all those Amiibos that he perceives are going to be valued, for whatever reason: the game in which it is inspired, if it is a special edition that commemorates an anniversary, etc. But of course, there are times when someone escapes us and that’s when the capacity of our portfolio enters the scene. And although at the moment the prices are not crazy, they are going up little by little.

So if you think we are going to tell you What are the five Amiibos that will cost you the most to get today if you launch yourself into the market bare-chested. What’s more, the amounts that we are going to show you are taken from the average costs that are produced on platforms such as eBay and other online stores. Keep in mind that we will always refer to new units, with their box and unopened, so in other cases where they only offer us the figurine, the cost could vary and it would be cheaper.

These are theThe five most expensive Amiibos to get:

5. Yarn Yoshi – Mega Green

Amiibo Nintendo.

The game character Yoshi’s Woolly World appears in fifth position. This Amiibo is sold in a special box and it is made of cloth, in addition to being a larger size than the other one that was also offered for sale inspired by the game and that was offered with the standard box. If you want to buy it new you are going to have to drop at least $170.18.

4. Navirou

Amiibo Nintendo.

This character that is inspired by the version we saw inside Monster Hunter Stories It is the most expensive room if you want to find it completely new – if you see it on any website. Its price is currently $213.91 And it looks like it will continue to rise.

3.Splatoon 3 Pack [Alt Colors]

Amiibo Nintendo.

The famous shooter Nintendo has many Amiibos behind it but this one is special because it is a variant of a package identical in which only the colors of the figurines themselves change. Hence its rarity and that many collectors want to get hold of it. If you want it new it will cost you about 242.17 dollars.

2.Lioleia & Cheval

Amiibo Nintendo.

These characters from Monster Hunter Stories They are the second in the lists of the most expensive if we want to add new ones to our collection. Today its price is about $243.29. Obviously, second-hand it is possible that you can find it at a lower price.


Amiibo Nintendo.

This is the true champion since it is the most expensive figure of all. If you don’t know Qbby, was the protagonist in 3DS of Hako Boy! Hakobume Box, a package that compiled the original trilogy of the saga BoxBoy! and that it had a special edition that included the game for the laptop and the Amiibo. The price that we give you of $287.42 is that of the standard figure (top image), so imagine what the other one could cost…

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