The 5 October premieres on Netflix that you have to see (yes or yes)

In this month Netflix already usually puts the direct and pick up speed for November but, above all, December, one of the strong months for Christmas and vacations that are increasingly sacred to millions of people in our country. The fact is that only during this month of October, the platform has more than 100 new features reserved for us, so we have decided to make a summary highlighting the most important ones.

Best of October 2022

We already know that reducing from a hundred to just five seems like a too daring synthesis exercise, but keep in mind that in that list there is everything: catalog background films, second, third or fourth seasons of well-known names and, of course, documentaries, children’s spaces, etc. But if we look at the new original bets, without a doubt this bouquet that you have right here below is what you should not miss.

Although we still do not know if we will have a second season of Sandman, This is the highlight of October.

the midnight club

Christopher Pike’s work serves as the basis for a story that touches the drama and the supernatural in equal parts. Eight terminally ill kids meet every night at twelve o’clock to talk, and from there comes a promise: the next one to die will send a signal to the others from beyond the grave. What will happen?

Release date: October 7

the playlist

If you want to know how Spotify was founded and the business model that has revolutionized the music industry in the last 20 years, you shouldn’t miss this swedish miniseries that explains step by step how the whole process took place. We will meet the founders of the application and how hard the first moments were until finally their idea succeeded.

Release date: October 13


This original series tells us a story inspired by real events which took place in a mansion in New Jersey. In the series, it will be the Brannock family who decide to move to a new home, hoping that their life will change for the better. But soon they will see that this idyllic dream turns into a dangerous nightmare.

Release date: October 13

sacred Family

Story that mixes suspense with a typical scenario of comedy and drama of the suburbs where Gloria, her baby and Aitana, an au-pair who takes care of him, will see their lives altered because of a neighborhood that will not take too well certain secrets from the past that return to the present. Spanish fiction that promises and that we recommend you see as soon as you set foot on Netflix. Nothing remains!

Release date: October 14th

Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Guillermo del Toro arrives on Netflix with a series that we could compare with the classics due to its system of independent episodes stories not to sleep either Alfred Hitchcock presentsand even The Twilight Zone either amazing tales. A whole series of stories of terror, magic and strange phenomena that will delight fans of this type of production.

Release date: October 28

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