The 5 secrets hidden in the Zelda Game & Watch

A few days ago, Nintendo released the Game & Watch from The legend of zelda, a retro portable console suitable for both collectors and those in love with the saga who want to recall the great moments and adventures lived with Link. Zelda Game & Watch includes the titles The legend of zelda (1987), Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (1988) and The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (1993), as well as a minigame and a couple of applications. Today we will explain how to enjoy all the easter eggs that has this new console.

The triforce ignites

It is impossible to have this new Game & Watch in hand and not spend a few minutes examining your design before turning it on and reliving Link’s adventures. On the back of the console there is a kind of silkscreen with the symbol of the triforce.

As well, lights up greenOnly, if you have only played during the day, you will not have noticed. In order to see the effect, the console brightness must be on and you must play in a slightly dark environment.

Play Zelda with tricks

If you do not want to complicate your life and simply search enjoy the titles, the Zelda Game & Watch comes with its own tricks to make games a little easier. If you press and hold the button A while selecting the starting file, the game will load with several cheats totally legal.

  • On The legend of zelda, Link will play with all hearts of health.
  • On Zelda II: The Adventure of Link we will get the same, but, in addition, the attack and magic They will be at maximum from the beginning of the game, as well as all of Link’s spells and special abilities.
  • Finally, in Link’s awakening you will have the life to the fullest and you can start with a tier 2 sword, which is not bad at all.

Play hard mode

If the above trick serves to make things easy, the Game & Watch Zelda also has a mode for those who are a tryhard. If you have played the games many times and want a challenge a little more powerful, try putting “Zelda” as name Link once you have completed each game for the first time. We know it’s sacrilege to name Link like that, but apparently Nintendo found it funny to do it this way.

Add an extra difficulty to Vermin

Vermin is a minigame that is included in the console. It is the typical game of pounding the moles, only this time it is starring Link. You can choose two modes different, ‘Game A’ and ‘Game B’, but there is a third stealth mode, much more difficult that is activated by holding down the A button for 5 seconds in the main menu of the game.

Hidden images during the sleep period

If you do not touch any buttons on the console for 3 minutes, the console will automatically go to sleep mode. Well, there are a total of 11 images displayed as wallpaper for each game that includes the console.

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