The 512GB Samsung 970 Pro is on sale, 16% off!

How is it possible that in the midst of a shortage of chips and after the price escalation we have an offer as good as the one proposed by PcComponentes? Well, it is a mystery that at the moment we cannot solve, but the competition surely has to do with it. In any case, this is a TOP NVMe SSD within the range for PCIe 3.0.

Samsung 970 PRO 512GB, is it the best SSD for PCIe 3.0?

Analyzing SSDs is not an easy task, since their performance is not linear and, as we well know, it depends on many factors. Starting with the size of the file, the bus to which it is connected or the temperature it reaches after a while, but what we can be sure of is that with this model we will obtain a performance at the height of its range.

Part of this performance has to do with the inclusion of the NAND Flash manufactured by Samsung itself within the V-NAND with technology 2 bits MLC. This means great performance with better durability than the current TLC they ride.

Another important point is the fact that Samsung does not use external controllers for its SSDs, but designs its own to implement them and thereby improve performance thanks to the total control of these and their software. Get not in vain 3,500 MB / s in sequential reading and 2,300 MB / s in sequential writing.

With this Samsung 970 PRO of 512 GB we get a controller from the range Phoenix, which is exclusive for the company’s PCIe 3.0 models and incidentally, manages the 4 lines PCIe to supply or receive data to the CPU.

Improved cache memory and next-generation interface


As a good high-performance SSD, we obtain a low-consumption cache memory based on DDR4 SDRAM that is also manufactured by Samsung and that in this model amounts to no less than 512 GB.

Regarding its interface, we are talking about NVMe in version 1.3, which is necessary depending on which motherboards, since we are talking about an M.2 2280 SSD. The dimensions are quite similar to the rest of its competition, with 80.15 x 22.15 x 2.38 mm and a weight of only 8 grams. It includes, as it could not be otherwise, support for TRIM, SMART, GC, AES 256-bit encryption and sleep mode.

With the offer of PcComponentes we are facing a Samsung 970 PRO of 512 GB that cost 179.53 euros, while now after falling 16% it drops to 149.99 euros. Do not let it escape!

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