The 6 rumors of the iPhone 13 that ended up being false

The iPhone 13 have been official for almost a month. However, as is tradition, we had a year full of rumors. There were many leaks that ended up being true, but also others that were not really right and were not even close to reality. In this post we review the 6 most prominent iPhone 13 fake leaks.

The iPhone 13 did not have these features

Coming from various sources, finally the following characteristics were already taken for granted and yet we have been able to verify that none of the iPhone 13 included these novelties:

  • Colors in the ‘Pro’: finally, with the exception of alpine blue (blue sierra), Apple repeated its traditional color palette in the iPhone 13 Pro, leaving aside those leaks that suggested new colors such as rose gold or bronze.

  • Always On Display: Also in the ‘Pro’ models, this functionality was expected, which would allow certain information to be always displayed on the screen, such as the time or some indication of notifications. None of that came and this is still an exclusive function of the Apple Watch without any other product of the brand taking it with it.

renders iphone 13 always on display

  • MmWave antennas worldwide: Only the iPhone 12 in the United States incorporated this type of antennas that improve 5G connectivity and it was said that the ’13’ around the world would carry them. Nothing is further from the truth, since they are still exclusive to the United States.

mmWave iPhone 12

  • Satellite connection: According to various reports, the new iPhone 13 would bring connection to LEO satellites so that, at least in emergency situations, calls or messages could be made without having coverage. And unless proven otherwise, this connectivity is not present.

satellites leo

  • Storage capacities: While it is true that many were already betting on capacities of up to 1 TB for the ‘Pro’ models, most rumors pointed to the same capacities as the iPhone 12 range, including the base 64 GB. Finally all start from 128 GB and the ‘Pro’ reach 1 TB in its maximum version.

memory iphone 13 rumors

  • Price rise: the shortage of components and increased production costs favored Apple to raise the prices of all its devices and finally we have seen how all were maintained. It is good news in the end, but it serves as the culmination of a series of rumors that were far from accurate.

iphone prices how much are they worth

Why did you make a mistake with these forecasts?

It really is complex to analyze and I would give for a much more extensive article dedicated solely to it. However, we can intuit several things about it. Many features of the new iPhones are always leaked and usually they are all quite accurate, this being an exceptional year. This leads us to think that Apple wants to discover the moles that leak information and launched certain rumors such as those previously commented to tighten the siege.

Another possibility is that some of the leaks such as those of the ‘Always On Display’ did have a reality base because Apple at some point did tests and nevertheless discarded their inclusion for any reason. Also in relation to connectivity there may be developments underway that would confuse leakers and analysts. They can also be simple false information with malicious intent that in the end they have spread so much that they are given as true.

For this reason, once again we cling to that of not giving all the reliability to rumors, something that we always warn in each publication of this type. In the end, only Apple has the power to say that it is official information and that it is not, although this does not mean that we should not detract from analysts with high percentages of successes who, despite being wrong, usually give rigorous information. In any case, assuming the part that falls to us as a means of communication, we also sing the mea culpa in many of these ‘fake’.

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