The 64GB could go down in history in the iPhone 13

One of the problems or rather demands of users beyond the battery with more autonomy in the iPhone, is the demand for more storage space. In this sense, it has been relatively recently that Apple has its minimum capacity set at 64GB but if it increases it to 128GB in its base model it will be great.

Best of all, increasing storage capacity is something that the user always likes and logically allows him to do without cloud storage services (in some cases) or it may even do the opposite effect, since cThe more space, the more things we store and the bigger the backup copies.

In the iPhone 13 we could see initial storage of 128GB up to 1TB

The report published by 9T05Mac about the possible arrival of a 1TB space model on iPhone 13 suggests that entry-level models will start at 128GB to analysts. In this sense I have to say personally that I would be delighted with it, but I am quite reluctant to believe it until I see it … On the other hand it would be too big a jump to go from 64 to the entire TB for the higher price model, but neither it would be strange.

What is said hours before the official event starts is that we are going to have a iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini with 128, 256 and 512GB and then a iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max 128, 256, 512GB and 1TB. So the iPhone Pro models would be the ones that would add this purchase option of 1TB of storage. Tomorrow we leave doubts.

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