The 7 Best Cheap Gaming Chairs – Comparison

Being on the computer for long sessions can be exhausting and unhealthy for the body, no matter what activity is done, be it: work, studies or entertainment. To avoid health conditions, it is necessary to have a proper posture while in front of the PC. A gaming chair could help you be more comfortable and protected against these types of problems.

Here is a list of the best cheap gaming chairs low-end and mid-range that you can find in today’s market. In addition, you will find some recommendations that will help you identify which gamer chair is the most suitable for you, which is of good quality and at a price adjusted to your pocket. This information will also be useful if you are not a gamer but you are looking for a chair to have a little comfort while you work; In addition, these chairs will bring a great style to the room where you place them.

Top 7 cheap gaming chairs: Recommendations

In general, your needs are the most important thing when choosing a gaming chair. However, you will have to consider the ergonomics of each model, and evaluate its comfort, until you find the gamer chair with which you feel really comfortable. Keep this in mind when you review the list of the best 7 cheap gaming chairs below:

1. IntimaTe WM Heart Gaming Chair

With an elegant design, the cheapest version of this chair comes in a sober combination of black and grey, although, if you want other colours, you can choose from others in the same line for a few euros more. It includes support cushions for the head and for the lower back, which you can adjust to the size you want.

The backrest areas integrate high-density foam which is covered with synthetic leather, all of which provides excellent support and comfort. It has a star base made of steel, with double body wheels, which can withstand up to a maximum of 150 kg. It has a tilt system up to 135° and adjustable armrests. Its measurements are 60 cm x 54 cm and 138 cm high and its price ranges between 150 and 170 euros.


  • Excellent price-quality ratio.
  • It is a large chair, which can be used by people up to 1.85 mt.
  • It is suitable for xxl players.


  • Some users have reported that the chair is somewhat stiff.

2. Bakaji – Gaming Office Chair

• This gaming chair model is designed to function both as a gamer chair and as an office chair. With a clean, yet striking design, inspired by racing cars, this chair has a very attractive price, since it does not exceed 90 euros (you can order it with red or blue details).

The high-density sponge padding supports your back and hips, keeping you comfortable for hours on end. Its armrests can be raised and the backrest has a tilting system of up to 120°. Its base guarantees stability and its wheels slide easily without damaging the floor surface. It is 117 cm high and 60 cm wide.


  • Easily adapts to any environment or decorative style
  • You will not find a cheaper chair than this one with the same characteristics.


  • Its manufacturing materials seem somewhat fragile.

3. Flash Furniture Chair with flip-up armrests

The Flash Furniture brand is recognized for offering a wide variety of models and furniture, both for office and gaming. This chair for gamers (although you can also use it in the office) is one of the cheapest on the market with very good features. You can choose between 6 different colors and its price is between 100 and 150 euros.

The padding of its backrests is made of high-density foam, covered with synthetic leather and micro-perforated fabric to provide freshness during the hours you spend sitting; its design incorporates lumbar support, albeit discreetly. The seat seeks to promote blood pressure and eliminate pressure from the legs. Its dimensions are 66.68 cm x 62.87 cm and 117.48 cm high.


  • Tilt lock.
  • Height and tension adjustment.


  • Not the best option if you spend too many hours a day sitting.

4. Vinsetto – Ergonomic chair

It is a chair with a sporty design, made of black and white semi-leather, which is very easy to clean. With a resistant and stable base, its wheels do not generate noise or mistreat the floor.

It has a cushion for the lumbar area and a headrest, both adjustable and/or removable if you prefer. Its backrest can be tilted up to 175°, expanding the postures you can adopt while using it. It also integrates a footrest to rest the legs and stimulate blood circulation. Its price is around 115 euros, being one of the gaming chairs with the best price-quality ratio.


  • Deeply designed seat to favor the natural shape of the body.
  • Simple assembly, which can be completed by one person.


  • Its seams look somewhat rough, they do not have the best finish.

5. X-Rocker Gaming Chair

X Rocker is a brand that stands out for innovation in gaming chairs and this model, which is part of the specialized ‘Pro Series’ line, focuses on providing an immersive experience to players, although it is also an extra comfortable option. to spend some time consuming any type of content. Its design is up-to-date and slightly out of the conventional style for gaming chairs, while still being elegant and being able to be easily incorporated into different decorative styles.

This is a very comfortable chair, thanks to its ergonomic characteristics, although it is not recommended for use in work environments, it is designed for rest. The padding on this chair offers an incredible level of comfort. Its base does not include wheels.

Its most attractive feature is the integrated wireless audio system, with 4.1 speakers and a subwoofer, which are located in the backrest headrest. This excellent chair has a price close to 175 euros.


  • It also includes a vibration motor further immersing the player in the game environment.
  • The design is imposing, becoming the center of any space where it is.


  • The level of comfort offered by the chair can vary depending on the height of the user.

6. COMIFORT Monza Gaming Chair with High Density Foam

This gamer chair has all the features that a video game fan needs. Features neck support, adjustable and removable lumbar support, padded armrests, and elevating footrest. But, in addition, the lumbar cushion has several vibration levels for a greater relaxation experience while you concentrate on your games.

With measurements of 66.5 cm long, 67.5 cm wide and 135 cm high; its backrest has a tilting system up to 135°. Strong and stable steel base that supports up to 124 kg. High-density foam padding covered in black synthetic leather with contrasting details, with a choice between red and blue. Easy to clean and pleasant to the touch. You find it on the market for less than 200 euros.


  • Attractive design and adjustable features.
  • It can be used to carry out different activities, be it working, studying or playing video games.


  • For its price, its quality could be higher.

7. BASETBL Ergonomic Gaming Office Chair

This gaming chair model has a clean and elegant design, which will allow it to adapt to different decorative environments, it is ideal for playing, but also for office work. You can request it in black, red or gray.

It supports up to 150 kg, thanks to its robust steel base with 5 arms and 5 double-body wheels. High quality thick padding that does not deform and provides maximum comfort, covered with synthetic leather with very well achieved finishes.

Padded armrests with adjustment positions, this chair has a cost of around 160 euros.


  • It stands out for being a sober style gamer chair.
  • It is an excellent choice for the office.


  • Does not include support cushions, the lumbar support of your backrest may not be enough.

Guide to buying cheap gaming chairs

As we mentioned initially, before choosing the gaming chair you are looking for, it is important to know a series of factors. Next, we detail them so that you buy with greater security:

– Manufacturing materials

The price of a gamer chair must correspond to the materials used for its manufacture.

Keep in mind that the upholstery of the chair can be made of leather or synthetic leather, this type of material is resistant and easy to clean, so it is highly recommended, however, it may not have enough friction or breathability.

The upholstery material can also be fabric, which requires more care, but can be more durable, in addition, it is fresh and does not allow you to slip due to contact with the fabric of your clothes.

An excellent alternative are the chairs that combine the leather or semi-leather covering with fabric or micro-perforated materials in strategic areas to promote perspiration.

– Height

Following ergonomic recommendations, the gamer chair you choose must adapt to the height of the person who uses it.

The backrest must have the adequate and healthy extension for the back and its comfort; If the height of the chair is not appropriate, it will not offer support to the neck and over time the body could develop muscle pain in different areas.

In addition, the height must correspond to the length of the user’s legs to avoid conditions and for proper blood circulation.

– Backrest tilt

For the most part, gaming chairs offer flexibility in terms of height and tilt adjustments of their components. The inclination of the backrest is important because it allows different postures to be adopted, between sitting upright and reclining completely, so that the experience can be more dynamic and to avoid damage to the spine or back muscles.

– Wheel

The type of wheel that the chair has is a feature to take into account when buying a gaming chair because some plastics can damage the surface of the floor, especially those that are more delicate, such as parquet.

It is also relevant because certain types of wheels can become very noisy and cause discomfort. The best option is to choose rubber wheels, although if the user of the chair is not very heavy, you can choose other types of wheels.

– Supports and padding

The padding of a chair is the element that will define the level of comfort it offers. The ideal material is high-density foam since it is a flexible material that does not lose its shape easily, for this reason, it is the most used material.

To provide more support to the padding of the chair, manufacturers often develop special designs that promote posture and circulation, these can be indentations in the chair or W or waterfall shapes.

Additionally, gaming chairs can include neck or lumbar support as accessories, these must also have good padding. The best thing is that they can be adjusted according to the height of the user, or even, that they can be removed in case the chair is preferred without supports of any kind.

– Design

The choice of the design of a chair for gaming is quite personal. However, we share some considerations that you can take into account.

If it is your style and the space allows it, you can go completely for chairs with all the gamer aesthetics, which usually resemble the racing style. The Newskill brand chairs for example represent a good example as they are very striking and are usually large chairs.

Another style that you can choose is a more sober one, which lowers the gamer aesthetic to achieve chairs of a more discreet size that can be adapted to different spaces. These chairs are ideal to have all the comfort of a gaming chair with the elegance of an office chair.

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