the 8.5 update brings several new features

Telegram announces the deployment of version 8.5 of its messaging application. We take stock of the new features brought by this update.

The big winner of the Facebook outage, Telegram experienced strong growth in 2021. The controversies surrounding WhatsApp had launched the year of messaging, which was able to take advantage of it to exceed the 500 million user mark. The Durov brothers’ application intends to ride the wave to convince new users. Every month, the messaging app updates with improvements. After being full of new features last December, Telegram is back with version 8.5.

This update is an opportunity for messaging to bring easy to make video stickers. On Telegram, this sticker feature is very popular for reacting to a message or leading a conversation. Alas, the app is aware that animated stickers are complex to integrate, so most users were content with packs. Telegram wants to fix this problem and announces support for stickers converted from a simple video. A simplified process that should allow everyone to create animated stickers, without having to go through specialized software.

Telegram improves reactions

While WhatsApp will soon include reactions to messages, Telegram has been offering this feature for a few weeks. The messenger now wants to improve it and starts by adding 5 new reactions: 🥰, 🤯, 🤔, 🤬 and 👏.

They can also be shared in an animated form. This requires sending a single emoji in any conversation to trigger a full screen effect. The rendering is effective and some will see a certain similarity with the winks of MSN or Windows Live Messenger.

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Telegram does not stop there and promises more compact animations for reactions. These become synchronized so that all participants see the animations in real time. Finally, note that these reactions now have a read status and that a new heart-shaped button appears when messages have unread reactions. For Telegram, this functionality has a certain potential and should not be limited to the expression of an emotion. The service reminds that reactions can be used to answer questions or show approval.

Improved navigation between exchanges

At the same time, navigation between conversations has been improved. It becomes possible to return to a specific exchange by holding down the “Return” key. This action will display the list of previously visited discussions and allow the user to come back to them more easily. As always, the arrival of a new version is an opportunity to fix some bugs or make adjustments. On iOS, new animations appear when you hover over icons in the tab bar.

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