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The summer sales are coming and with them tons of great deals on the tech shelves. To save you from having to scour the entire web looking for the best deals, Numerama has sorted it out for you. This article will be updated with new promotions.

The summer sales are here! The event of clearance made in France closely follows Amazon Prime Days, but on the tech side, the products can be different – the prices too. If they correspond to what the American giant practiced a few days earlier, it is an opportunity for latecomers to catch up in other brands.

As in every sales period, Numerama does editorial work to find the real good deals: products that we would recommend with our eyes closed in all circumstances, but which can be too expensive in normal times.

Sale products

The DJI Osmo Action at 199 € instead of 379 €

No salvation without GoPro in the action cam sector? This is wrong: DJI, specialist in optical stabilization, does wonders with its Action range. The product is popular with backpackers and backpackers and can shoot at 4K at 60 frames per second, or slow motion up to 8 times slower than normal filming speed. It also has the reputation of heating less than the GoPro range: in summer, this is an asset.

The Withings Body Cardio at 109 € instead of 149 €

The French specialist in connected health has been offering excellent scales for a long time to follow the evolution of his weight, but also of his muscle mass, bone, fat, etc. Precise indicators that allow you to have a detailed report of your situation on your smartphone. Useful for following weight loss or muscle gain goals. The Body Cardio is one of those that we warmly recommend to the editorial staff.

The Philips Hue Play x2 + Hub Pack at 139 € instead of 189 €

With its Hue bulbs, Philips has understood everything about the connected home. This pack with Hue Play light bars and a connection bridge can be installed in a few minutes and allows you to have the first brick of a house of the future: lights controllable with a smartphone or a connected assistant (Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant). It is also a good opportunity to add accessories to its collection, for those who are already equipped.

Acer Predator PC screen at 199 € instead of 349 €

When looking for a PC screen dedicated to video games, there are certain criteria that will become essential in 2021: a high refresh rate for competitive games, G-Sync compatibility to put an end to tearing and, inevitably, a good image quality.

This screen from Acer, sweetly named Predator XB271HAbmiprzx, ticks all these boxes and provides an excellent Full HD experience thanks to its 27-inch TN panel with a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz and G-Sync compatibility. . If you don’t want to opt for its imposing foot, there are alternatives.

The Xiaomi Mi LED bulb at € 9.99 and € 14.99

Xiaomi does cheap stuff. Xiaomi therefore makes cheap connected bulbs. The Mi LED range allows you to have connected lighting functions for a bite of bread. The Chinese giant’s bulbs don’t even need a bridge to work: just connect them to your Wi-Fi network and you’re done. Downside: you will have to go through the Mi Home app and they are not compatible with Apple’s Siri / HomeKit.

The DJI Mavic Mini Combo at 399 € instead of 499 €

DJI Mavic Mini Combo // Source: Amazon

DJI has been flying over the consumer drone market for a very long time. The Chinese manufacturer has never had serious rivals in its field and those who have tried their hand have not achieved the efficiency of DJI’s drones and the relevance of the offers. The Mavic Mini is the largest consumer drone of the brand, but retains many of the greatest advantages: advanced stabilization of the optical module, 1080p Full HD film, 12 MP photos, 30 minutes of flight, etc. The “combo” pack is particularly recommended because it comes not only with spare accessories, but above all with 3 additional batteries, which can last a flight session up to 2 hours. In short, it is a must have.

The Oral-B Pro 770 electric toothbrush at 45 € instead of 65 €

Should we buy a connected toothbrush? Honestly, no. These overpriced items have no interest, the application gimmick is really a niche use. But an electric toothbrush, not connected, is quite another thing: a product that really save you having to go to the dentist for scaling. The Oral-B brushes are one of our favorites, although a particularly vigorous brushing is to be expected – they don’t make gentle vibrations like other competitive models. But at least the job is done.

The Dyson V11 Animal Extra at 499 € instead of 739 €

Anyone with a pet at home has experienced a feeling of absolute well-being after purchasing a Dyson (on a non-exhaustive panel made up of the editorial staff of Numerama). The problem is, these magical vacuums are overpriced. We would never recommend paying full price for one, but during sales, don’t hesitate. The Dyson V11 brought better autonomy (60 minutes) and an automatic adjustment of the suction power according to the surface. With its many brushes, no hair will resist it.

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