The 9 freakiest advent calendars of 2022 that you can give away

Remember that the Advent Calendar starts December 1 and ends with the last gift on the 24th, so that you have a few days to get one and above all make sure that you arrive on time. All those listed below will be punctual on date for sure. You can rest easy with that.


Within the Star Wars theme we have several proposals to show you:

the funkos calendar

Undoubtedly one of the most original. With 24 Funko figurines (pocket size) inspired by characters from Star Wars, the calendar has dimensions of 39.4 x 27.9 x 8.3 cm.

the lego guy

If you want a Star Wars proposal other than Funkos, you also have the LEGO option. In its 24 boxes you will thus find minifigures related to the George Lucas universe that will delight any fan. From 6 years.

Baby Yoda’s calendar

We talked about this recently. It is a model especially inspired by The Child and all the merchandising related to it. Keychains, pencils, stamps… very focused on the world of stationery, it has an elongated format and its price does not exceed 18 euros.

Harry Potter

Another of the great franchises that also has different types of advent calendar is that of the star character of JK Rowling.

The limited edition cube

A very colorful format is possibly the most outstanding quality of this calendar (beyond the themed surprises, of course). Inside, the fans you will find many kinds of gadgets, from wands to socks, through stamps and even a magic ink pen. It is limited edition, eye!

the lego guy

Designed for ages 7 and up (due to the size of its pieces), this calendar is simple but very effective, with 7 minifigures related to the franchise and other small objects from the movies.

The jewelry calendar

If you are looking for something a little more special, be sure to take a look at this Advent Calendar with 24 charms different to hang on a bracelet. A great way to express your fandom for the magical saga in a more elegant way. You have two formats: diptych book type or as a chest with a mirror included.


Fan of the marvelite universe? There is also a calendar for you.

the funkos calendar

The Marvel Funkos Advent Calendar also exists and has nothing less than 24 figures of your favorite superheroes waiting for you. As the main character in the design of the box you have Spider-Man with a Santa hat.

The stationery guy

If you are looking for other types of gifts that are not the figures themselves, you have the option of this calendar with Stationery (pencils, rulers, erasers, stamps…). All set in the Avengers world, of course.


Our last proposal is related to the Minecraft universe, which also has its audience. Very oriented to kids, It comes with 24 surprises related to stationery, as well as key chains, pendants and stickers, among others. If you prefer, you also have the hanging fabric calendar to fill in.

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