The absurd (and expensive) Zotac backpack computer with the excuse of virtual reality

The idea behind this virtual reality backpack computer is not to be tied to a computer tower. It is positioned as a solution for those who want mobility compared to the mandatory immobility of having VR glasses connected to the computer. It is powered by a battery system that can be hot-swapped to keep you playing.

Zotac and his computer for nonsense VR

I have to say that Zotac is a brand that I have known for many years and offers quite good products. The brand offers ZBOX compact computers, which have different variants, even for gaming and which give very good results. But, with the advent of virtual reality, it occurred to them to create a VR computer that would provide mobility.

Are backpacks-computer thought for the virtual reality They have many problems and inconveniences. To begin with, we are talking about a computer that we have hanging on our back, which is not positive in terms of ergonomics. Highlight that zotac does not say the weight of the new VRGO 4but should around 10 kiloyes, quietly.

Zotac VRGO 4.0

In addition to the weight, we must take into account that it is a computer designed to play, something that generates a lot of heat. We all know that running a game means that the graphics and processor heat up, it is normal. It is a problem to have such a large heat source on your back as, together with the weight, it can cause musculoskeletal problems.

Going by the list of problems, the VR GO 4 has a autonomy of only 50 minutes. Something curious about this system is that we can change the batteries hot, while we play. We remove one and introduce another, without the system turning off. The problem is that charging these batteries takes time, they don’t fully recharge in 50 minutes. In addition, the backpack for charging has a special base.

Regarding the hardware, it is based on an Intel Core i7 and an NVIDIA RTX A4500, this being a more professional graphics, not gaming. It does not make excessive sense to have a professional graphics card on a computer designed for gaming.

zotac backpack virtual reality

Innovation doesn’t always pay off

Zotac has insisted on this product, of which I do not know how much they have come to sell. The truth is that it has cost me a lot to find stores that sell it today. The Zotac VR GO 4.0 system, which is the last one they have released, I have seen it in a couple of stores, only. One sells it for just over 4,500 euros and in another store it is around 5,000 dollars, both being high prices.

At one point, it can be a good alternative solution to laptops. If we remove the VR aspect and the batteries, as well as the charging system, we could have a good system to play and easy to transport. Actually, it is not a bad solution if you travel a lot, being able to connect it to any hotel television, for example.

Currently, as it is raised and developed, it seems to me a rather bad idea and harmful to people’s health. I am surprised that Zotac continues to insist on this product that I thought to be honest had been discontinued.

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