The accelerator, Mylkcubator, seeks the dairy of the future

the incubator, mylkcubator, continues to search for the dairy products of the future and is getting closer, thanks to the work of the startups selected for this first edition. In fact, the acceleration program, launched by Pascual Innoventures in collaboration with Eatable Adventures, has just celebrated its Demo Day, in which these four participating startups have presented their final pitches to potential partners and investors; facilitating the path to closing future funding rounds that allow them to continue working and expanding their innovative developments and research.

This day thus becomes the finishing touch of the first edition of Mylkcubator, which in addition to bring together pioneering projects from around the world, has become a program called to lay the foundations for a new path of development and innovation for the dairy industry, thus responding to some of the great challenges of the sector.

According to Sejal Ravji, director of Pascual Innoventures, “The success of Mylkcubator’s Demo Day not only reaffirms the great reception that this program has had in the sector worldwide, but also ratifies what we at Innoventures already knew, and that is that in order to develop the dairy products of the future we have to continue betting on innovation with projects of great value and very ambitious at a technological level, as is the case of the four startups that have been working with us since Mylkcubator startup six months ago”.

In addition, Ravji wanted to make it clear that “this is just the beginning of a good relationship that we hope will extend in the long term, since our intention is to follow the evolution of all startups, continue collaborating with them and even invest or work on possible strategic partnerships for the future development of deal”.

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According to Jose Luis Cabanero founder and CEO of Eatable Adventures, “In the coming years we expect an increase in innovation within the alternative protein space, with major advances in cell agriculture and precision fermentation technologies. Mylkcubator is a pioneering program worldwide that marks and will continue to mark the forefront in the development of the dairy products of the future”.

Towards the dairy of the future

The six months that the Mylkcubator acceleration process has lasted have led to this Demo Day. A day where startups have had the opportunity to tell and value their work in front of companies, technology centers and professional investors from around the world who have expressed their interest in the projects accelerated by the incubator.

De Novo Dairy, based in South Africa and with the aim of create the future of nutrition, uses precision fermentation technologies to create alternative proteins that are capable of reproducing the same nutritional profiles and sensory experiences as their dairy counterparts. Among its latest scientific developments, De Novo Dairy is focusing on the development of the generation of high-value alternative proteins for the dairy industry, something that they were able to present during the conference.

For its part, the Spanish Real Deal Milk has discussed how it uses precision fermentation technologies to develop whey and caseins that contain the same functional properties as traditional dairy components, with the goal of developing alternative dairy products.

In addition, Pure Mammary Factors, located in the United States, seeks to accelerate developments in dairy cell agriculture lowering production costs by developing growth factors used in cell culture media. Ultimately and ultimately, the goal of the startup is to be able to obtain breast milk from cell cultures in an accessible and affordable way.

Finally, Zero Cow, from India, is looking to reinvent the meaning of the traditional dairy industry by producing the first milk and dairy products from the A2 protein using bioengineering and microbial fermentation. The Zero Cow team is trying to replicate, by applying proprietary technology, milk proteins to create dairy-identical products.

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