The actor of Separation (Severance) hands shake in front of Luke Skywalker

All May 4 are special dates for fans of Star Wars (formerly known as Star Wars) because it is the time of the year where remember why the universe created by George Lucas drives them crazy for the original 1977 film. If you consider yourself a true fan of the saga, there is no better day to wear a special t-shirt, a hat or to listen to the epic chords of John Williams with the main theme: «ta ta, ta, chan, chan…«.

Adam Scott and his passion for Star Wars

So in the same way that ordinary mortals pay tribute in their own way to that Star Wars day, televisions do the same by putting content that tries to evoke that passion on your viewers. And that is precisely what happened on the night of Wednesday, May 4, when Adam Scott was invited to the Jimmy Kimmel Show, the leading actor of one of the best series so far this year and that you can see on Apple TV +. his name, Separation.

They were sitting at the table Kristen Bell in the role of presenter and Adam Scott, as a guest, when they began to talk about the actor’s passion for Star Wars and, more especially, about his first memories that reach him until The Empire Strikes Back. Born in the year 1973, came late to the fever starwars in 1977 so, at the age of 7, he had to settle for living up close the premiere of the sequel directed by Irvin Kershner.

It is at that moment when, as you can see in the video, A Mark Hamill appears on the set playing Luke Skywalker with his characteristic green laser sword, to leave the Californian open-mouthed who, from that moment on, was left literally speechless, not knowing how to address one of his myths and his hand trembling with the sword of light just delivered by one of the most important Jedi in the Galaxy.

Separation, a series that you must see

Although Adam Scott is not a newcomer actor and has worked in dozens of films and series throughout his career, it was not until the arrival of Separation what his trajectory has skyrocketed. It is not in vain that we are facing one of the best series of recent times, the best without a doubt so far in 2022, and that promises to have more seasons that will amplify its influence.

In Separation tell us the story of Lumon, a company in which Your workers keep their personal stocks separate from professional ones.s thanks to the implantation of a chip that prevents them from remembering in one area what they do in the other. Inside the company they don’t know who they are outside, or vice versa. When they are at home, they know nothing about what they have been doing during their office hours. And we will not tell more, because we advise you to see it to discover everything that happens.

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