The Adigital Tourism Hub will promote digitization for the recovery of the sector

The Spanish Association of the Digital Economy (Adigital) presented a few days ago its new Tourism Hub. It is a working group aimed at promoting digitization as an engine for the recovery and transformation of the Spanish tourism sector. It was within the framework of the meeting «From SMART Tourism to Smart Tourist» In which participated Amuda Goueli, CEO and founder of Destinia and vice president of Adigital, Jorge Schoenenberger, CEO of Viajes ECI, and Susana Voces, CEO of

Adigital launches this initiative at a particularly decisive moment for the Spanish tourism sector, as a reflection of the association’s commitment with digitization as a driver of competitiveness economic and social progress.

What has been one of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic now faces the challenge of economic recovery and the consolidation of our country as a differential, diverse and sustainable tourist destination. In this context, the Adigital Tourism Hub is presented as a space for reflection in which great experts from this and other related sectors will meet to analyze the challenges of the tourism industry and propose solutions.

Through different encounters, this working group will focus on issues such as the transformation of tourism SMEs and the most disruptive business models, new market niches (such as those opened by the innovation sector and digital nomads), applied technologies (big data , artificial intelligence) or the new traveler profiles.

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The Adigital Tourism Hub is led by the Adigital Amuda Goueli, who during the presentation highlighted the opportunities that digitization represents for the tourism industry. “The digital transformation of the tourism sector is of vital importance. It was before the pandemic, but even more so in this new stage of recovery. However, this transformation requires new methodologies, capacities and talent that we must promote. For this reason, from Adigital, we want to put all our experience and knowledge at the service of the companies and professionals that have led Spain to consolidate its position in world tourism ”.

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