the agreement should be signed today

The French audiovisual industry is experiencing a major upheaval this Monday, January 24, 2021. After several months of negotiations, the new media chronology will be adopted by 28 cinema professionals. Who emerges as the big winner?

It is a day to mark with a white stone for the CNC, which convenes this Monday, January 24, all the actors of the 7th art to sign an agreement on the new media chronology reports Opinion. After months of rather tense negotiations, it should finally enter into force on February 10 next.

As a reminder, the Media Chronology determines the release windows for the different broadcasters. This applies exclusively to films released in theaters. Until now, SVOD platforms had to wait 36 ​​months before making feature films produced for the big screen available to their users. An organization considered aging and which must therefore be revisited while many offers of the genre are now available in France.

Netflix and Canal+ are doing the best

While the discussion was lively between the various players in the sector, it is now time to sign an agreement and begin its implementation. Among the SVOD offers, Netflix is ​​the clear winner, with a exit window reduced to 15 months. In exchange, the American giant undertakes to participate in the financing of French creations, and in particular on feature films whose budget is less than three or four million euros. Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ get access after the 17th month. Finally, the free TV channels will have to wait until 22nd month to broadcast funded feature films. On the other hand, they keep the exclusivity until the 36th month. This means that SVOD offers will have to remove the films from their catalog during this period.

Canal+ retains its priority and even sees its schedule shortened. From now on, subscribers to the encrypted channel will be able to discover the films 6 months after their theatrical release, compared to 8 currently. Special treatment due to the massive investment of Vincent Bolloré’s company. The Canal+ group promises to grant no less than 200 million euros in annual funding for creation in France.

Disney to absent subscribers?

The threat was formulated last September, while discussions stagnated between the various players in the sector. Disney+ had indeed indicated that it was considering doing without the cinema box in the future, preferring to broadcast its films directly on Disney+. During the pandemic, the platform has also adopted this strategy for some of its feature films such as Luke Where Raya and the Last Dragon. According to information from Opinion, Disney+ should not sign this agreement, as should the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers: “We put constraints on the platforms that I don’t understand. If they want to circumvent the agreement, they have only one solution: not to release their films in theaters. indignant the general manager Pascal Rogard.

A huge risk for the sector already largely weakened by the health crisis, and which derives a large part of its profits from the productions of the firm with big ears.

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