The AirPods 3 are coming and this offer from Amazon proves it

2nd generation AirPods

Surely you are up to date with the latest rumors from Apple. And the company has an event next week and in it, in addition to a new iPhone, the next generation of AirPods is expected to be presented. The launch of a renewed model usually brings the price reduction of its previous generations and that is exactly what we are experiencing now with the 2nd Gen.

These AirPods, which sport the characteristic and famous swab design in white, are currently in the Amazon storefront with a sale of no less than 41%. This means a saving of 74 euros, being able to take them home for only 105 euros.

Sold and fulfilled by Amazon – you know what that means: if you don’t like them, you can return them easily and conveniently, as well as being able to enjoy them tomorrow if you’re Prime – AirPods are still one of the wireless headphones reference in the market thanks to its benefits.

This model has inside a H1 processor from the company, it activates and connects automatically to your iPhone and offers support for the Siri voice assistant. Its surface is tactile so you can control playback or change songs with the touch of your fingers.

The case, which has a Lightning connector, serves as a portable charger, providing in total more than 24 hours audio playback.

The alternative: Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

In case the AirPods do not convince you, know that you also have other quite attractive and prominent headphones on Amazon at a discount. It is about Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live, the famous “Beans” of the firm, which now enjoy a good discount.

These headphones have a quite particular shape, as if it were a bean, and they adapt perfectly to the ear (without falling off, we assure you) and offer good sound quality, with a autonomy of up to 21 hours, if we add the battery that its own case provides.

Galaxy Buds Live

They do not forget the active noise cancellation and integrate three microphones, also helping to better pick up the voice and therefore to maintain a cleaner and clearer conversation when used as hands-free.

Available in elegant black, you have them now at your fingertips for only 75 euros (The official price in the Samsung store is 149 euros). You’re already taking time to get the hang of them.

The headphones on sale in this article have links that are part of our agreement with the Amazon Affiliate Program, being able to report us a small commission with their sale (without influencing the price you pay). Even so, the decision to publish them has been taken freely, under editorial criteria, without attending to requests from the brands involved.

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