The AirPods Max competition that costs almost half

The AirPods Max are Apple’s headband headphones, and of course they have really enviable specifications and features. Now, its price is well above the usual average for this type of product, and Sony with its Sony WH1000XM5 lowers the price quite a bit and we could say that it even equals or exceeds its specifications. In addition, they now have a great discount on Amazon. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

One of the elements that cannot be missing in the day to day of almost any user are some good headphonessince in the end we have become accustomed as a society to practically using them at any time and place, and the truth is that these Sony WH1000XM5 are not for less thanks to the specifications it has.

Sony WH1000XM5 with iPhone

Obviously the AirPods Max are fantastic headphones, but it must be said that these from Sony are not far behind in any of the specifications in which those from Apple stand out. Its noise cancellation is the best next to that of the AirPods and refering to sound quality They are a true marvel, offering even one more extra that Apple does not offer, which is the possibility that users of these headphones have use the equalizer from Sony’s own app that allows you to fully customize the sound experience offered by these.

In terms of design, there are big differences., especially in the materials, being much more premium those of Apple. However, it must be said that the change in it that the Sony WH1000XM5 have undergone compared to the previous generation brings it quite close to those of Apple, although in the end this design is something really personal or subjective.

Amazon discount on the Sony WH1000XM5

Before we said that one of the handicaps that AirPods Max has faced since its launch is its price, since in the Apple Store they cost no more and no less than 629 euros. Well, it is true that these from Sony have also increased their price compared to the previous generation, coming to cost 449 euros, which is also a high price. However, thanks to Amazon’s offer, now users can buy these Sony WH1000XM5 for 350 eurosthat is to say, almost 100 euros discount.

Sony WH1000XM5 and Apple Music

Without a doubt, given the features that these headphones have and the incredible discount they have on Amazon, if you were thinking of buying good headphones and you had a budget according to them, it is the best choice you can make, since the experience that they are able to provide is fantastic, and that is that in the end they are one of the best exponents on the market. You also have them available in various colors, which are the following.

  • Black.
  • midnight blue.
  • Silver.
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