The AirPods Max: historical lowest price on Amazon

When the AirPods Max came out, we all saw a luxurious earbud with a perfect finish. Tests have later confirmed that its audio quality is exceptional and its versatility also makes this device one of the highest rated in the company. It only has a big “but”, the market price. When they were put up for sale, they had to pay 629 euros for it but On Amazon you will find them at a much lower price.

It is not the first time that we have found minimum prices for an Apple device on Amazon. In fact, we recently told you that the AirPods Pro could be found for 190 euros, a bargain compared to its original price. Now something similar happens with the superior headphone model. AirPods Max have a minimum price on the web most famous sales outlet in the world.

The price for which you can find most of the AirPods Max models is right now for 524.10 euros in sky blue color. It is true that the price varies depending on the color, but for 3 euros more, that is, 527 you have the headphones in space gray and silver. If you want them in pink they are close to 537. The most expensive are the green ones that reach the value of 626 euros. In the latter case, there is almost no discount.

Of course it is a good chance to get one of these AirPods as long as you don’t want the green one, which in that case is always better to buy it in the original store. Also, if you are Amazon premium, the shipment is made in one day. You can not ask for more. Previously they have been lowered but not as much as until now. We are talking about a discount of 105 euros on the blue model. Not bad if we also take into account that Apple is still sold for 629 euros.

If you were thinking about it, now you have one more excuse to be able to assess your purchase definitively.

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