The AirPods Pro 2 will come with incredible news

The rumors and leaks about the new generation of AirPods Pro do not stop coming to light, and the reality is that the news that arrives about these headphones is getting better and better. Obviously there is nothing official, and this news must be taken with a grain of salt, although it is difficult not to get excited about this news. Read on as we tell you all about them.

What news will the AirPods Pro bring?

It has been a long time since Apple launched the AirPods Pro, headphones that, except for the problems caused by the pads in some users, have been able to make the vast majority of people who have given them a chance fall in love. It is one of the most complete headphones you can find on the market, offering really outstanding sound quality and noise cancellation. To this we must also add how comfortable they are to use together with the entire Apple ecosystem.

However, the renewal of this first generation is getting closer, and therefore, the news and rumors about the news that this new version could bring intensify as the hypothetical launch of these AirPods Pro 2 approaches. For this reason , then we leave you a list with all the improvements that, predictably, they could bring.

  • Find my AirPods option will be improved since the case of these AirPods Pro will have a much larger speaker that will allow a louder sound to be emitted to facilitate its search.
  • The health sensors would also reach the AirPods Pro, specifically two of them, the one from heart rate detection and the one of temperature detection. It is striking as a function that the Apple Watch Series 7 does not have today, such as the possibility of measuring the temperature, the AirPods Pro 2 will have it, although it will be necessary to see if it is not another of the novelties that Apple includes in the Apple Watch Series 8.
  • The sound will also improve. It is true that in the current model the music is heard like a charm, but the Cupertino company wants to give one more turn to the experience that users have with these headphones, so it will include the self-adaptive equalizationspatial audio with dynamic head tracking and audio sharing.
  • The AirPods Pro 2 can be used as a hearing aidsince the sound could also be collected through the charging case and transmitted to the earphone to improve the playback of the earphone.
  • The USB-C would reach the AirPods Pro, more specifically to its charging case. It would certainly be a movement that would give a lot to talk about since it could mark the beginning of the entire transition from Lightning to USB-C that Apple is delaying so much.
  • The H1 chip will also be upgradedproviding capabilities of self-adaptive noise cancellation as well as better performance and lower power consumption.

AirPods Pro on iPad

As we said before, these are just rumors, since obviously, Apple has not come out to filter or count the improvements that these headphones will have. Therefore, everything must be taken with tweezers since there is still time for the Cupertino company to officially present this renewal of the AirPods Pro.

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