The AirPods Pro already cost almost the same as the AirPods 3

It has been a week since the AirPods 3 were presented and the forecast is that, except for a capital surprise, Apple will not launch any more version of its headphones this year. Therefore, AirPods Pro are still the best in terms of specifications if we take into account its category, since the ‘Max’ are in another range. But what about its price? Be careful because there is really interesting offers for this.

AirPods Pro with super discount on Amazon

Amazon can boast of being the store that is probably offering the Cheaper AirPods Pro. And without tricks, since it offers totally new and original headphones from Apple and with 2 years warranty. In fact, this guarantee will be covered by Apple during the first of these years, with Amazon covering it during the second.

If we look at the Apple store, either online or physical store, we can see that the AirPods Pro are still immovable at the same 279 euros that they had on arrival almost two years ago. Now, on Amazon it is possible to find them with 50 euros discount. They are therefore at a very juicy price if we take into account their benefits.

Yes, the ‘Pro’ are better than the AirPods 3

Just because third-gen AirPods are out now doesn’t mean they’re better. It is true that they incorporate some improvement that will probably end up reaching the second generation of the ‘Pro’, as is the case of their autonomy. However, the AirPods Pro are still superior in aspects such as sound quality or having Noise Cancellation.

These headphones also offer a autonomy of up to 5 hours uninterrupted, which in the end are more if we consider that with just a few minutes charging in its case you can get more battery. To this is added full compatibility with both Apple computers and others that have Bluetooth technology.

And how are the AirPods 2?

If the ‘Pro’ still seem expensive to you, the AirPods 2 they are still on sale and also with interesting discounts. At Apple they now cost 149 euros, which is not bad, but at Amazon they can be found for 20 euros less. It is not that it is an exaggerated discount and more if we compare it with that of the AirPods Pro, but in the end it is a more than interesting saving.


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