The AirPods Pro for 190 euros are a gift

The truth is that we are at that point where we buy Apple headphones like The AirPods Pro can be a real bargain and we can find them on websites like Amazon for 190 euros. This may mean a model change soon, although there is no exact data on this model, some rumors pointed to a possible renewal.

Really these Apple headphones that were launched last October 2019 They are totally valid for most users and the price they have right now makes them a star product to give away or for oneself.

The price has been lowered for a long time and possibly they will continue for a longer time. Personally I think that there are no better headphones for the iPhone and more if you practice sports with them, now it is said that Apple could launch a new AirPods model but not AirPods Pro, which are expected to arrive next year, so it is never too late to enjoy the noise cancellation, sound quality they offer, the ambient sound mode to listen to the sound of the outside and its connection simplicity …

The H1 chip added to these headphones offers extraordinarily low audio latency, the power is more than enough for most of us and is that in general these Apple headphones have achieved a perfect balance between quality and price. Especially taking into account that on the Apple website they go up to 279 euros and in this offer you can get them for 190 euros.

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