The AirPods Pro will fly off the shelves They are at a minimum price!

Where can this offer be found?

Well, neither more nor less than on Amazon. In the large online store we can usually find products supplied by Apple itself and that usually have some reduction in price. It must be said that this is not the first time that we see a discount on AirPods Pro, although the truth is that it is usually not as high as the one we find today. They can be obtained for 186 euros, that is, 92 euros discount with respect to the Apple Store.

And you will wonder to what extent it is reliable and we have to say that it is practically the same as buying them in an Apple Store, with full guarantee that they are headphones totally new and original. There is a return period on Amazon of at least 30 days for regrets, although if you decide to keep them (something very likely), you will enjoy 2 years warranty with Apple coverage during the first of these and Amazon in the second.

You can also hire the AppleCare + extended warranty during the purchase process, which will not only make the 2-year warranty with Apple, but will considerably lower the price of possible replacements and even make it free in many cases. Of course, this service has an additional price of 39 euros in a single payment, although it will also make it cheaper than the official 279 euros they cost.

Other AirPods that are also discounted

With identical guarantees to the ‘Pro’, we can find that the 2nd generation AirPods They also have more than interesting discounts in their Amazon price compared to that of the Apple Store. A 50 euro discount in its two versions, since this model of headphones has a version whose case can be recharged by cable (in the cheapest option) and another in which, in addition to the cable, compatibility with wireless charging bases is included. This being the only difference and considering that the cable is already included, we would recommend opting for the cheapest version.


And although the AirPods Max are still considerably more expensive, taking into account their excellent features, it is an interesting purchase also if we observe that it has discounts of more than 100 euros in several of its versions. We remember that these are available in space gray, silver, pink, green and blue colors.

Apple AirPods Max

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