The AirPods range available at their all-time low price

According to various rumors, at the presentation event that Apple held yesterday, along with the iPhone 13 and the new Apple Watch Series 7, the presentation of the third generation AirPods was expected, a third generation that the same is presented in the next events or we have to wait for next year.

Most analysts point out that this renewal will not be launched until 2022, a renewal that could incorporate health sensors, but they are still rumors. If you want to start enjoying the AirPods or want to renew it, at Amazon we have at our disposal lthe AirPods range at its all-time low price.

Second generation AirPods for 105 euros

The usual price of second-generation AirPods with lightning cable charging case has a price in the Apple Store of 179 euros, a price that in Amazon is reduced to 105 euros, becoming the lowest minimum price of this device on the platform.

Buy second generation AirPods for 105 euros.

Second generation AirPods with wireless charging case for 169 euros

If you prefer the case with wireless charging, this model has also reached its all-time low price and we can find it on Amazon for 169 euros. If we take into account that your usual price in the Apple Store is 229 eurosThanks to this discount we can save 60 euros.

Buy second generation AirPods wireless charging case for 169 euros.

AirPods Pro for 175 euros

The AirPods Pro have also joined the party of the historical minimum prices of the AirPods and currently, we can find them on Amazon for only 175 euros, when its usual price is 279.

Buy AirPods Pro for 175 euros.

MacBook Air 2020 with M1 processor for 949 euros

Although it is not a good time to renew the MacBook, assuming that Apple renews these devices in the next two months, at Amazon we have a fantastic deal with the 2020 MacBook Air with the M1 processor, a model that is priced at 1,129 in the Apple Store and that is on Amazon for only 949 euros.

This model is managed by Apple’s M1 processor, accompanied by 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. The keyboard is in Spanish and has a QWERTY layout.

Buy MacBook Air 2020 with M1 processor.

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