The AirPower charging base had prototypes and this is one of them


It may seem that after so long the AirPower charging base which Apple presented in a keynote but which it never put up for sale would be missing, but no … A prototype of that charging base now appears on the net four years after the Cupertino firm admitted that it would not go on sale after a long journey of speculation, rumors and others.

It is evident that a prototype now of this charging base is not going to show us anything that we have not seen before, but It will surely surprise you by the austere design it has and above all because of what it represented at that time. Giulio Zompetti, a collector of Apple devices, has had the opportunity to get hold of this prototype and shows it to us on his social networks.

This prototype is fully functional

The good thing about this is that we can say that it works. And it is that logically to reach the final tests and subsequent presentation of the product, Apple conducted the corresponding tests with these prototypes and this is one of them that also works.

The best of all this is that now it also seems that Apple would be working on a new charging base similar to the AirPower as they had in the middle Bloomberg a few weeks ago. It is not clear to us that Apple wants to continue with this type of project, although it is true that the MagSafe paved the way for this type of load and it can be thought that it would be a project similar to the AirPower that was never commercialized. In any case, as always, we will be attentive to everything they show us.

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