The AirPower reappears in full operation in a video

The AirPower has undoubtedly already been out of the minds of many users. This triple charger that Apple introduced next to the iPhone X began to be delayed until it finally did not go on the market at any time. Now him Apple device collector, Giulio Zompetti, has shared a video on Twitter where you can see a prototype of this fully functional AirPower. We tell you all the details below.

The AirPower in action

As is logical when Apple announced the AirPower, it had already been working on this project with different prototypes for some time. What was not expected is that the development stalled and could not solve the engineering problems that it had and that caused an excessive heat emission. One of these prototypes has ended up in the hands of this collector who He has uploaded a video to his Twitter account where you can see how it works. In this you can see how the collector places his iPhone on the AirPower and an animation appears on the screen.

This animation could already be seen in the presentation when it was first seen and also in the marketing resources. But it had never been seen in a video outside of the Apple environment until today. This shows that this AirPower works correctly and is detected by the iPhone itself that was already ready to go on the market. It is true that the design that is presented in the video is not the one that was seen in the presentation. But this is totally logical, since the prototypes they almost never have the same design than the final model that will hit the market. This is not the first prototype that has been seen on social networks, since in August 2020 images of the design of the coils and the internal circuit of the accessory appeared.

A dead and buried project

As we have previously commented, the AirPower was officially presented in September 2017. But from then on, a real radio silence was created in which there was no news about the date of launch to the market. This generated numerous criticisms of the company because everyone was waiting for this launch to simultaneously charge iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. But finally different internal notes affirmed that this is a project that was not going to end up seeing the light at any time, and it has finally been fulfilled. Currently there are numerous wireless charging bases for iPhone that try to be an alternative to this AirPower.

The main reason for backtracking on this project was related to quality. These types of bases have the problem that they generate a lot of heat when it comes to wireless charging a device. This meant that it could not be released on the market, since it would have come out with this type of failure, without a doubt, the criticisms would have been very numerous. The best decision was to park it, and although they should have worked on its improvement, it will never finally see the light of day.

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