The alternative to ChatGPT is BLOOM: it translates 59 languages

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and, little by little, it will reach a large number of areas of society, both for better and for worse. While regulating what use can be made with it, every week we come across a new platform that allows us to offer a new utility that we had not considered up to now.

At SoftZone we have talked about a large number of AIs with which we can generate texts based on a description, create videos or images and even even personalized avatars. Today it was the turn of an AI that allows us to translate texts into a large number of languages ​​with a much more precise reliability than those offered by the Google translator or the DeepL platform.

BLOOM: the AI ​​to speak any language

BLOOM is an AI that allows us to translate and write texts in a large number of languages, making it one of the best options currently available on the market, not only to translate, but also to generate texts in other languages ​​based on a description. in Spanish, avoiding time that we may need to use a translator later.

This AI has been trained to generate texts in a total of 59 languages, of which 13 are programming languages, so this platform is not only an excellent option for generating texts in multiple languages, but also for generating code Programming with the most used programming languages.

Bloom AI translate texts

The operation of this AI to translate texts is not as simple as the one offered by ChatGPT or Bing Chat, since the user interface is not designed for general use, but is designed to be practical since it offers us a table drop-down menu that allows us to access all the options that it offers us without having to deal with AI to know how to enter the data.

In addition, each of the options that it offers us includes different examples that allow us to quickly understand how it works. Another difference with respect to the platforms most used to generate text based on a description is that the generated or translated text is displayed just after the request in blue to make it easier to distinguish. Ideally, this should be displayed in a separate box.

Although Bloom allows you to write and translate in multiple languages, once again, we will always find the greatest number of options if using English, as we can in the following screenshot.

Bloom AI translate texts

The best thing about this platform is that it is not a proprietary development, but rather has an open license that any other platform can use. We can use it for free without any type of limitation in terms of text translation, as long as we create an account where all the history will be stored. But, if we want to use the rest of the functions it offers, in addition to enjoying more updated versions, we will have to go through the checkout. If we are only going to use it to translate texts, the free version is more than enough.

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