The alternative to Razer’s PS5 DualSense looks very good

This is the Wolverine V2 Pro

For that reason manufacturers like Razer have products like the Wolverines V2 Pro, an official PlayStation licensed controller that includes a series of very striking proposals that will attract the attention of many players. For starters, the controller includes a USB-A wireless adapter What does it offer? 2.4GHz connectivitywhich promises very fast connections and the possibility of adjusting functions through the official Razer application.

We can, for example, adjust the sensitivity of the sticks, manage the mapping of the buttons and, of course, configure the game of RGB lights to fully customize it. Because, how could it be otherwise, the Razer RGB Chroma seal is also present on this controller with a stylish colorful line that we can customize to our liking. The truth is that with the blue tone it looks quite attractive and very much in line with PS5.

sticks in place

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro

Another detail to take into account is that the left analog stick has been placed in the upper zone to replace the crosshead. This position is the favorite of many players, who continue to find it changed in the official PlayStation controllers. The crosshead for its part, occupies the hole of the left stick, and as a novelty it offers a 8 way micro switch with which to obtain greater precision in movements, being something excellent for fighting games.

As was the case in the previous generation, this Wolverine V2 Pro includes extra programmable buttons at the bottom and at the top of the triggers, so that we can program shortcuts for our favorite games quite easily.

The main triggers do not have Sony’s adaptive travel technology, but they do include settings to select between an immediate click (FPS games) and fast to a deep press (racing games).

It’s not a cheap controller

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro

These customizable controls with so many buttons, designs that are looking for the professional public and, in addition, with customizable LED lights, are never cheap. The case of this Razer Wolverine V2 Pro was not going to be less, and it is that its official price is 299.99 eurosa fairly high amount, but that remains at the level of this type of professional touch gamepads.

Do not forget that it includes the DualSense Touchpad, rubber grips for a perfect grip, interchangeable sticks of different heights and all the classic PlayStation buttons for screenshots, menu and PS button. This new controller will go on sale in the coming weeks, and can be purchased through the official Razer store and authorized resellers.

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