The Amazfit GTR 2 continues with this great discount, run!

Smartwatches are not a recent product and have been with us, as such, for almost a decade, when brands like Samsung or LG decided to explore this new path that was opening up before them. Now, finally, there is so much variety and very different and accessible prices that it’s rare that someone doesn’t wear one of these on their wrist.

Amazfit GTR, sports spirit

And if the manufacturers of these watches have learned anything, it is that users see them as an ideal accessory for control and monitor all physical activity they do on a daily basis. Receiving calls, reading WhatsApp messages or some other notification from social networks is very good, but above all they send the accumulated steps per day or the heart rate at times of maximum performance.

And if there is a company that has been able to read this panorama and adapt its catalog to a user who does not want to spend too much on his new smart watch, that is the Chinese Amazfit, which With this GTR 2 that we bring you today, achieve the quadrature of the circle: in this device a good design, great features and, of course, a price that few would miss.

This second generation is also equipped with the famous BioTracker developed by Huami, which is capable of keep us under control in matters such as heart rateoxygen levels in the blood, quality of sleep at night and, of course, the stress that we endure and that many times we don’t even realize that we are suffering from.

Amazfit GTR 2.

Sports modes for all tastes

This Amazfit GTR 2 is very focused on Fitness and that is why includes 12 sports modes (running, swimming, etc.) and that is why it has also been designed to withstand immersions up to 50 meters deep. You just have to start the training, choose the discipline and at the end you will receive a complete analytical report with which you can improve yourself a little more every day.

One of the characteristics of these Amazfit GTR 2 is the battery life, which in this case reaches 14 days, which is not bad if we compare it, for example, with an Apple Watch that hopefully is capable of holding a full day. .

Needless to say you can make or receive calls, read WhatsApp notifications and other social networks, control music playback both from the mobile and locally, uploading songs to the watch’s memory, and connect wireless headphones directly so you don’t need to carry your smartphone in your pocket controlling everything

By the way, not to be less than other models, this Amazfit GTR 2 is compatible with Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. Its price? Well, it’s only 114.90 euros, which means a 24% discount compared to the 149.90 it usually costs.

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