The Amazon Fire TV Stick is updated to allow apps to be downloaded more easily

One of the best media players you can buy today is the Amazon FireTV Stick. It is true that the Nvidia Shield is the best option, but in terms of value for money there is no dongle that beats the solution from the online sales giant, no matter how much Chromecast there is.

And the truth is that when we had the opportunity to analyze the Amazon Fire TV 4K Max it became clear to us that the work done by the company founded by Jeff Bezos has been simply impeccable.

Well, you should know that if you have any of the versions of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, they have just released an update that will significantly improve the functionality of this multimedia player. more than anything because It will make updating applications much easier.

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Main news of the latest update of the Fire TV Stick

To say that, in addition to usual stability improvements In a firmware update, the team behind the development of the Amazon Fire TV Stick has added a very interesting surprise: automatic downloads. In this way, the user will now have a much easier time installing an app.

Until now, when you wanted download an app on the Amazon Fire TV Stick for the first time you had to access the web page of the app in question and then press the Buy button if it is the first time you download it, or Download if you had already installed it before.

Now, Amazon has updated its popular media player so you can cchange this way of use through the Settings of the app storeadding a new feature called Automatic Downloads.

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You will save time with this new tool

fire tv stick 4k max

Once you have configured automatic downloads, when you activate this tool at the moment you enter the information of an app, it will start downloading automatically. Also, when the application in question has been downloaded, it will open automatically for you to fill in any necessary data, such as username and password. A more comfortable and faster system than the current one.

As you may have verified, This system is very effective, although in the case of payment solutions you will have to stop to enter the necessary information. To say that in order to enjoy the new Automatic Downloads function, you must have the Amazon Fire TV Stick updated to the latest version of the system.

As they have reported from the company founded by Jeff Bezos, the deployment of this firmware improvement is being staggered, so you will have to be patient until it is available on all devices. Without a doubt, great news for the owners of this multimedia player, which now offers the possibility of install apps on the Amazon Fire TV Stick more easily and, above all, much faster.

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