The Amazon Prime Video app comes to Mac

If you are a Mac user and an Amazon Prime subscriber, you may not have found out yet that the Amazon Prime Video app, video-on-demand service from the shopping giant included in your package premium, is now available for your platform.

Thus, the Amazon Prime Video app for PC extends to a new system, after last year it made its debut for Windows 10. In the Apple ecosystem, however, it was already available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, which perhaps tells you where the shots are going and the limitations of the application’s support.

Indeed, the new Amazon Prime Video app for Mac requires macOS 11.4 or later or, what is the same, macOS Big Sur onwards, which leaves many of the users of the block out of the game. What does not seem to be clear is whether it also requires one of the new Apple computers with the M1 chips, and that is that some comments suggest.

This would be an almost direct port of the Amazon Prime Video app for iPad, also judging by the comments of those who have tried it, but nothing is specified about it in the App Store. In any case, the application has reached the last Apple platform in which it had no presence.

Amazon Prime Video App

This is what the Amazon Prime Video app for Mac looks like | Image: The Verge

For the rest, the Amazon Prime Video app for Mac is what you expect, which in turn is like saying that it is the same as what we already saw for Windows: an access to the VOD service encapsulated in the form of a native application, with all the options of the web application, including the possibility of buying or renting content, picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, various profiles, etc.

However, the most striking option of the Amazon Prime Video app for PC, putting both Windows and Mac in this bag, is the one that allows download content to enjoy offline, just like in the Amazon Prime Video mobile app.

The Amazon Prime Video app for Mac released its version 1.0 last week and this has received its first update with corrections, so it is a good time to give it a try, if you haven’t already done so and prefer the experience of using one. independent application to the web browser.

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