The AMD 4700S is based on a console chip, but not the one previously believed

The problem with console APUs or SoCs is that all those that do not meet the specification are totally discarded and thrown away. This affects the final cost of the chips, since unlike what happens in PC, those that are functional, but do not meet certain technical requirements in consumption, temperature and speed are discarded.

So AMD has found a way out to those that are functional, but cannot be installed on a console. Sell ‚Äč‚Äčthem in the form of a PC kit that includes the APU soldered onto a PCB with the same type of memory as the console. Which is GDDR6, since let’s not forget that in consoles this memory is used doing the function of RAM and VRAM. This kit, as you may already know from the latest news, has been dubbed the 4700S Desktop Kit by AMD.

The AMD 4700S is based on the PS5 SoC, not the XSX’s

4700 SoC PS5

Well, contrary to what was believed, the APU on which the 4700S CPU is based is not that of the new generation Xbox, but that of the PS5. We have been able to know this through a tweet by Andreas Schilling where you can see how the CPU of the 4700S Desktop Kit is that of the PS5, since it has the exact same size.

It can not be the Xbox Series X since the specifications of the three consoles are different in terms of size. It makes sense for the 4700S to carry the PS5 SoC from the moment its configuration is 16GB. So is the Xbox Series X, but it uses a 320-bit bus that combines 1GB and 2GB GDDR6 chips, which is rarely the case in the PC world. Besides, this is a saving of 2 GDDR6 chips for every 4700S Desktop Kit that AMD mounts. Since in this case there are 8 memory chips to mount and not 10.

Zen 2 PS5 PC

For the rest, there are no more profound changes than those already revealed, since the PS5 SoC also uses an 8-core Zen 2 like the Xbox one, yes, with some cuts such as having the AVX unit with half of registers and with the floating point sum unit, FADD, also trimmed. So the performance translates into lower when executing certain part of the code compared to the full version of Zen 2 included in the Xbox Series and obviously in the AMD Ryzen 3000 and Ryzen 4000 CPU and APU families for PC .

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