The Andalusian, Novality, creates a ‘smart’ underground parking for scooters and bikes

The bikes and the scooters they have more and more space in society. That is why the Andalusian startup Novality has developed a new underground, smart, safe and individual parking.

These innovative parking lots work through a simple mobile app and facilitate the use of the bicycle or scooter by means of lockers personal items in which users can store in addition to their light vehicle, the helmet and their personal belongings with all the security guarantees.

This solution has required the development of up to six patents, which makes it a unique system in the world. Its design also prevents these vehicles from being an obstacle on the sidewalks, reducing their impact to the size of a parking space for cars and, in the case of underground ones, without causing any visual effect as they are under the surface and emerge only when activated. from the app.

“It is an innovative system that responds to the needs in the field of micromobility, taking advantage of new technologies. The optimization of public space, security and user-friendliness have been our highest priority, with exclusive access to people previously registered in the app », explains Francisco Marqués Aranda, CEO of Novality.

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Premiere in Marbella

Through a mobile application, users can easily and comfortably check the location, the availability of places in real time and even make reservations in advance. Each of the infrastructures, available on the surface or underground, has 10 individual lockers that make up a personal space with total protection and security against theft and vandalism, with shortly having versions of greater capacity in the same space. In addition, each locker has a charger to recharge bicycles and electric scooters.

Marbella It has become the first municipality at the national and international level to offer its citizens this system for free. It has installed two parking lots, one on the surface and the other underground, at strategic points in the city with the aim of promoting a non-polluting means of transport.

Novality is being accelerated in El Cubo, the acceleration space of Andalucía Open Future, an initiative for the acceleration of technology-based startups, promoted by the Junta de Andalucía and Telefónica.

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