The Apple AR already have a presentation date, according to Ming-Chi Kuo

The Apple AR augmented reality device will be presented at January 2023, according to the latest report from Ming-Chi Kuo. Mark the date because this analyst specialized in Apple has a well-earned fame in the advancement of products developed by the Cupertino factory. He is not always right, not even on time, but he considers himself a reliable source.

We have been talking about these Apple AR for almost five years. Whether as a design for glasses, helmets or headphones, their arrival on the market is only a matter of time. And we can’t say that Apple hasn’t prepared for launch with huge investments in talent and technology.

Years ago, it bought PrimeSense, the firm that developed the sensor technology for the Microsoft Kinect, and later came startups dedicated to AR, such as Vrvana, Metaio, and Flyby Media. In 2018 it bought Akonia Holographics, another company specializing in lenses for augmented reality devices and, anticipating what could come via software, that same year it delivered ARKit to developers, one of the most interesting novelties in the launch of iOS 11. Finally, let’s remember the indiscretion of showing a realityOS in a repository

Apple AR, the long-awaited

Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed his enthusiasm for augmented reality more than once, assuring that this technology “It could be an idea as big as the smartphone”. Last week he again showed his interest, although he insisted that the possibilities of this technology are “at an early stage.” However, his statements to China Daily leave no doubt: “couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities we’ve seen in this space, so stay tuned and you’ll see what we have to offer”.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s report goes along these lines. The Apple ARs “they are the most complicated product that Apple has designed so far”. But once on the market, as has happened with almost everything Apple has launched since the iPhone, it is expected to be a turning point and augmented / virtual reality technologies (until now a fiasco for the expectations that were once promised) take a new impulse.

From what we know so far (information always unofficial) the development of this project is known internally as T288. I would offer a resolution of 16K (8K in each eye) and the device would be completely wireless. It would work independently of iPhones and any other device, and would have its own “rOS” operating system (the realityOS that we mentioned above).

To do this it would have a main processor with the same computing power as the M1 chip and a secondary processor to handle all the computing related to the sensors. The screens would be Sony micro OLEDs and would provide augmented and virtual reality experiences. Very interesting these Apple AR. Hopefully the analyst presentation date will be confirmed. The Metaverse awaits and other greats like Meta are in the running.

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