The Apple Car could arrive in the year 2025

Apple is committed to creating an electric car that can be seen on the streets of all countries within 4 years. According to a Bloomberg report. This latest report emphasizes both the characteristics and the pace set by the current leadership on the project at Apple. According to the latest data, it can be expected that by the year 2025 We could see an American company car circulating everywhere.

The so-called Titan project or simply Apple Car, it seems that it is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality and putting aside the rumors. According to a latest Bloomberg report, It seems that the American company could be in a position to launch the electric car within 4 years. That is to say for 2025.

Manzana, is pushing to accelerate the development of its electric car. It is refocusing the project around full autonomous driving capabilities. At least, according to people familiar with the matter. With the aim of solving a technical challenge that has affected the automotive industry.

Apple is internally targeting a launch of its autonomous car in four years. This is ahead of schedule in the initial schedule which established a wait of five to seven years. period that some engineers had been mentioning earlier this year. Reaching that goal by 2025 depends on the company’s ability to complete the autonomous driving system, an ambitious task on that schedule.

The report highlights that Lynch’s direction in Apple Car is not simply to match existing electric vehicles with autonomous driving characteristics. Otherwise jump into the electric vehicle market with a vehicle that can truly be driven autonomously. According to anonymous sources mentioned in the report:

Lynch is pressing by a car with a complete autonomous driving system.

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